According to the World Health Organisation, around 9.6 million people died because of Cancer in 2018. The painful disease is the second leading cause of death in the world. And experts are of the opinion that the major cause of a sudden spike in cancer cases is because of our lifestyle and food habits. Consuming packaged food, adulterated food when combined disbalances the body which is not a healthy sign and can lead to major health-related problems. Also Read - Men's Health Week 2021: What Causes Infertility In Men? Know What Expert Says| Exclusive Video

There are certain food items that can cause cancer in the long run. By avoiding these food items you can prevent the risk of contracting this disease. Also Read - Acidity or Bloating? Do NOT Ignore These Stomach Signals

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Don’t we all love fried potato chips which come in plethora flavours and varieties? Well, these are not good for you as potato chips are rich in saturated fats and preservatives. The chips contain acrylamide which can lead to cancer in the long run.

White Flour

Consumers are often misguided when told that ‘processed grains’ are healthy for you. They are not! Processed grain or refined white flour can cause cancer as the white colour comes by blasting chlorine gas. That’s not it, it has a glycemic index which can also spike your blood sugar levels.

Vegetable Oil

We love using vegetable oil in almost everything we cook, be it a sabzi, or a healthy meal. But unfortunately, it is not good for you. It is extracted by a chemical process, which is extremely harmful.

Red Meat

Excess Consumption of red meat including beef, lamb and pork is not recommended as it can lead to pancreatic cancer, colon cancer or colorectal cancer, as per a report in Times Of India. According to the Cancer Council, one must not consume more than 1 serving of lean red meat per day or 2 serving 3-4 times per week in order to reduce the risk of cancer.

Low-fat Products

Beware of products which are labelled as ‘low-fat’ as they contain chemicals and additives. The artificial sweetener ‘aspartame’ can cause cancer too.