The Beer Café recently launched its new cocktail menu that is perfect for the monsoon season and also suit the Indian palate. But if you don’t want to step out of your cozy home and would rather have something to drink in the comfort of your house, you can try these signature cocktail recipes from The Beer Café. From fruit flavored to drinks with cinnamon, these cocktails will keep you in high spirits over the weekend. The best part, once you have all the ingredients, these cocktails can be made in minutes. Here’s the recipe of five such cocktails to have this monsoon. (ALSO SEE Monsoon cocktail recipes)

Go Bananas

Go Bananas


Banana puree- 20 ml

Caramel Sauce- 20 ml

Old Monk- 40 ml

Vanilla powder- 1 scoop

Milk- 80 ml


Take a blender and add the following in it: banana fruit mix, caramel sauce, milk, Old Monk rum, vanilla powder and 6 – 8 cubes of ice.

Now blend all the ingredients for 35 seconds.

Take a pilsner glass and glaze the glass with caramel sauce.

Now add the mixture from the blender to the glass and serve.

Passion Bloomer

Passion Bloomer


Passion Fruit mix- 15 ml

Elder Flower syrup- 10 ml

Lemon Juice- 10 ml

Smirnoff Vodka- 50 ml


Take passion fruit mix in a cocktail shaker and add elder flower syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice and Smirnoff vodka.

Fill the cocktail shaker with ice cubes till the top and shake well.

Now fine strain the mixture and pour in a chilled Martini glass.

For garnish, take orange peel and roll it and hold with the help of a toothpick.

Slit the peel roll from below to fix it on the rim of the glass and serve.

Shot No 21

Shot No


Smirnoff Vodka– 50 ml

Lemon Juice- 30 ml

Elder Flower Syrup- 30 ml

Soda Water- Top Up


Add elderflower syrup, Smirnoff vodka and lime juice in a cocktail shaker.

Top the shaker with ice cubes and shake well.

Strain this in a chilled tulip glass and top up with soda.

For garnish, put a lemon wheel on the glass rim.

Smoked Cinnamon

Smoked Cinamon


Cinnamon Syrup- 20 ml

Apple Juice- 40 ml

JW Red Label- 40 ml


Take an old fashioned glass filled with ice and add cinnamon syrup, apple juice and Red Label scotch.

Stir well

For garnish, take a cinnamon stick and smoke it with the use of a lighter.

Insert the heated cinnamon stick in the drink and serve.

Litchi Daiquiri

Litchi Daiquiri


Litchi Fruit Mix- 20 ml

Lemon Juice- 10 ml

Bacardi Rum – 50 ml


Add litchi fruit mix in a cocktail shaker along with freshly squeezed lime juice.

Add Bacardi white rum and ice cubes till the top and shake well.

Now fine strain the ingredients and pour in a chilled Margarita glass.

For garnish, take an orange peel, give it a long slit at the centre, and two outward slits on each side and place it on the rim using the centre slit.