Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophical system that involves harmonizing the energies to improve fortune and health. It aims to achieve a positive influence on people who live in the house. It will not bring in money but make a conducive space in your home which will attract and strengthen the energies of wealth and prosperity. Feng Shui will help you prosper in health, luck, love and wealth. Also Read - Can Money Buy You Happiness? This New Scientific Study Says 'Yes, It Actually Does'

Check out the best ways to attract wealth into your home through Feng Shui:

Attract Prosperity by using colours including red, green and violet: To attract prosperity in your home use colours including red, green and violet on your wall, furniture. You can club these colours with white which signifies purity. Red attracts positive energies. Also Read - Russian Man Books Rs 2 Lakh Helicopter Ride Just Because He Wanted to Eat a McDonald's Burger

De-clutter space: We tend to hoard things and avoid removing things which are no longer needed. You should always keep your surroundings clean and tidy to promote the flow of energies and invite prosperity and opportunities. Try to make your home and office clutter-free to attract money. Also Read - Feng Shui Bedroom Rules to Get Sound Sleep

Make your entrance attractive: An appealing entrance will attract prosperity and good energies. You should keep your entrance attractive and clean. Beautify it by placing plants, soft lights.

Keep your kitchen neat and tidy: To attract wealth and energies, keep your kitchen clean. So, de-clutter your kitchen, clean the floor and the countertop. Make sure your stove is also clean. Use organizers to tidy up your kitchen. This will attract money into your home.

Include Citrine Crystals: The gold-toned quartz helps in attracting wealth. Displaying the crystal will attract wealth and prosperity. The gem is also used to strengthen self-esteem. Another wealth stone is pyrite. You can display these crystals or place a gem tree in your house in the money corner.

Follow these easy tips to attract wealth.