When one aims at being fit, it is important to take the right ingredients on your plate to cut down on your calorie intake and add on to your nutritious needs.Also Read - Health Tips: These Ayurvedic Herbs Can Control Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally | Watch video

One of the biggest myths being that only certain foods or specific items on your plate can help you slim down faster. While all foods have weight loss benefitting properties, combining one superfood with another can sometimes help to reach your goal faster and in a healthier way. Also,  pairing the right food items can help burn calories faster, achieve satisfaction better, and do not deprive you of the delicious delicacies you crave to savor. Also Read - Pregnancy Tips: Mom-To-Be Alia Bhatt To Host Vegan Themed Baby Shower, Is Vegan Diet Healthy For Pregnant Women? What Should They Eat? - Watch Video

Here we bring to you 5 Superfood combinations that can escalate your metabolism and weight loss:

  • Green Tea and It’s soulmate Lemon:

Green tea detoxifies the system and boosts metabolism, filled with catechins and other rich antioxidants it can be a low-calorie drink to energize you. Having as many as 3-4 of these cuppa joes a day can do wonders in stabilizing blood pressure and keep weight in check. A squeeze of lemon juice to double up it’s benefits is all you need. Lemon being the perfect choice for the green tea in a drink can help absorb the nutrients and make it taste. Also Read - Health Tips: Why You Should Sit On The Floor To Eat | Watch Video

  • Oats and it’s better half nuts:

Oats are easy to make and the most precise addition to a fitness enthusiast’s diet regime,  topping off oatmeal with quality ingredients, and not sugar sources can make the food option right for your body. Make it a point to add  fibre and antioxidants-rich nuts and seeds, such as almonds, walnuts, chia seeds to the same.

  • Paneer and Chicken:

It is important to include Vegetables in one’s diet to make it wholesome and balanced, a lot of veggies also weigh low on carbs and satisfy your hunger pangs while on diet,  add a nutrition-rich protein source to it, such as paneer, tofu or simply chicken! Paired with non-starchy, fiber-rich veggies, they make for a bowl full of health benefits.

  • Coffee with Cinnamon :

Coffee is one of the favorite low-calorie drinks for weight watchers to possess. If you’re someone who loves sugar in your coffee and been checking out an honest sugar substitute, boost yours with a touch of cinnamon. it’s loaded with antioxidants and has inflammation-reducing properties, which are linked to obesity and weight gain. Cinnamon also contains the satisfying hormone and a treat to the senses aroma, which causes you to feel full and even reduces the cravings and hunger pangs, controlling your diet at the end of the day. there’s also the hidden benefit that lies in its aroma. Cinnamon contains the chemical, cinnamaldehyde which when comes in touch with cells boosts the metabolism rate. Thus, cinnamon, utilized in any form forces the fat cells within the body to stay on burning even when the body stays inactive, which may help an excellent day in fighting obesity.

  • Lentils and steamed rice :

Our true love, when it comes to food is dal chawal, rajma chawal and that’s how we disagree with Bunny of YJHD of making Dal Chawal so not interesting but when actually it is a staple. Did you know? These humble meals make for an excellent weight-loss benefitting combination! While pulses and lentils are rich in proteins and help achieve satiety, adding rice can make for a good energy-giving carb source.

Some of the other star-crossed food couples include Potato and pepper, Eggs and Olive oil, Bean and Vegetable Soup, Yogurt and berries etc.

-Written by Apoorva Girdhar