You may be doing exercises and taking other measures to cut down your belly fat but you may still not be able to see the results. This may be because you are eating the wrong kinds of foods. Did you know that there are certain foods that contribute to your growing abdominal fat? Cutting away these foods from your diet can do you a whole lot of good and can give you a slim belly too. Here are food mistakes you must not commit and certain foods that you need to eliminate or drastically reduce their consumption.

Diet sodas: This may come as a shocker. While you may be avoiding sugar-laden colas and packaged drinks, gulping down diet sodas will not do you any good. Synthetic sweeteners have been associated with many health risks. They have also been shown to contribute to abdominal fat. This means that you need to strictly stay away from diet sodas along with other packaged drinks. Have natural juices or coconut water instead for hydration.

Crash dieting: A US study has shown that extreme dieting or crash diets could result in more belly fat and less muscle. It also leads to an increase in metabolic factors and functions, including body weight, blood volume, blood pressure, heart rate and kidney function. Stick to healthy eating instead of resorting to such drastic and harmful measures.

Diet deficient in fibre: Not eating enough soluble fibre hampers digestion and can lead to visceral fat. Your diet should be full of legumes, flaxseeds, sprouts and vegetables and fruits.

Simple carbs: White bread, pasta, instant noodles etc are major culprits for belly fat. You need to completely do away with these foods. You must have multigrain bread or foods made with whole wheat flour instead.

Not eating enough proteins: Protein keeps you full and hence makes you eat just as much you want to. It keeps away hunger pangs and unhealthy food cravings. So make sure to load up on eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, salmon and other sources of protein.