Eating roti or chapatti with a vegetable on the side is a staple combo in India. While some people prefer rice with every meal, there are others who prefer wheat rotis. And even though eating wheat isn’t unhealthy as it is a wholegrain that has fibre, there are healthier alternatives as well that you can swap with every few days. Instead of eating the same thing every single day, you can substitute the chapati with a healthier alternative that will not only give you more nutrition but will also result in a change of taste. Here are some alternatives we suggest you try.

Ragi dosa

Ragi is one of the best flours to eat as it is rich in iron content and gives the body energy for a longer time. This flour is readily available in the market and all you have to do is add water to it to get a paste-like consistency. You can use it to make dosas as you don’t have to knead a dough and don’t require a rolling pin either. Simply use a spatula to use the batter to make a dosa. (ALSO SEE Healthy sugar substitutes)

Bajra roti

Bajra is another highly nutritious flour that can be used to make rotis to substitute wheat chapatis. This dough is slightly more hard than wheat and the rotis are smaller than usual. You can have it with any vegetable or meat dish the same way as you will have your regular wheat roti.

Jowar bhakri

Jowar is another ingredient that is used to make roti and even bhakri which is consumed in abundance in villages of Maharashtra. It is one of the healthiest grains and does not have many calories as well so it is a win-win situation if you want to eat healthy and lose weight. It is also gluten-free so if you have gluten sensitivity to wheat, you can try jowar or bajra. (ALSO SEE Top 8 dishes to sample in Maharashtra)


Thalipeeth is another amazing substitute to wheat even though it has a bit of it as well. Thalipeeth contains a mix of ingredients like roasted tapioca, coriander seeds, rajgira, cumin seeds, rice and wheat. The powder is used to prepare a hard dough which is then used to make small discs. It is also very healthy and since it has the benefits of multiple ingredients, it is a better bet.

Tandoori roti

And once in a while when you are absolutely bored of the regular chapati, you can opt for tandoori roti which is different in taste and texture due to its preparation method. It is made in a tandoor which makes it healthy however, try and stick to multigrain or wheat roti instead of maida one as refined flour isn’t the healthiest option.

Photograph: Shutterstock