Your liver performs some important functions including that of cleansing your body of toxins, helping break down and utilise proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals from what you eat, metabolism and helping your blood clot. In the absence of these vital functions, your health can undergo massive damage. Any damage to the liver can lead to life-threatening diseases including fatty liver and non-alcoholic fatty liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver cancer among others. In order to help your liver perform its duties efficiently, it is obvious that you need to treat it right. Here are ways to ensure that you don’t harm your liver and your health: Also Read - Kerala Govt Allows Reopening of Bars, Beer Parlours and Other Toddy Shops Adhering to COVID-19 Norms

Do away with alcohol: When you overdo alcohol consumption, your liver tends to have a buildup of fat. This is when you get fatty liver. It is best to limit your alcohol consumption to a minimum or do away with alcohol to prevent fatty liver.  Alcohol can also cause cirrhosis, one of the leading causes of death across the world. In this, the liver gradually stops performing its functions and can lead to end-stage liver disease. Also Read - 'In The Memory of The Man of Pleasure': Alcoholic Drink Named After Pakistan Founder Jinnah

Eat healthy, low-fat, hygienic food: Packaged and processed foods, unhygienic street food and unfiltered water that might up your risk of getting Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E, oily, fatty food and foods loaded with artificial sweeteners or fructose spell trouble for your liver. Also Read - Bizarre! 100-Year-Old Chinese Man Says a Lifetime of Smoking & Boozing is The Secret to His Long Life

Cut down on salt: Salt is not just associated with blood pressure and heart-related disorders. Excess salt can lead to water retention in liver and fatty liver disease. That’s why it’s best to cut out processed meats like sausages, bacon and salami from your diet.

Up your intake of fresh vegetables: The top liver-friendly vegetables include carrots, beetroot broccoli, onion, garlic an others. These have essential nutrients like pectin, sulphur, beta carotene which help your body flush out toxins and avoid their reabsorption.

Keep a tab on your medication: Stop popping OTC drugs for every other ailment. Overuse and prolonged use of certain medication like OTC drugs, antidepressants, corticosteroids, painkillers are known to massively damage the liver. Take medication only after proper consultation with your doctor. It is also good to reduce your dependence on nutritional supplements and have natural foods instead. These can also lead to liver damage.