Maybe you just got out of a relationship, or maybe you haven’t been in one for a long time—but what if you’re just not the relationship type at all?Also Read - AAI Recruitment 2021: Salary up to Rs 1,10,000; Only 4 Days Left to Apply For 29 Posts on Details Here

Before you start wondering about whether or not you should put yourself out there and seek someone to be with, take a look at your single life status. There are a lot of things to love—here are my top five reasons why we should celebrate that single status. Also Read - Numerology: How Your Birth Date Affects Your Career

1. What You Want, When You Want

There are no rules, and there is no one to think of—other than yourself. You get to be you 100 percent of the time. Also Read - Traits That Establish You Are Overtly Passionate About Something And It's Causing You Harm

You can make your own schedule, eat as much food as you want, watch all the TV you want, and if you want to celebrate things or stay in bed all day, it’s your prerogative. So, turn up your favorite song and dance like no one’s watching.

2. Getting To Know You

If you haven’t spent some time being single and getting to know yourself outside of a relationship, you should—you may discover a side of you that you didn’t know existed. It’s also refreshing to know who you are and what you want when you’re not with someone.

So, if you’re single, take the time think about what your likes and dislikes are, what you want in a relationship, what your career goals are, who you want to become as a person and more.

3. Get In Shape

Maybe you let love chub set in when you were in a relationship, but now is the time to get into shape. Focus on working to get that body you always wanted but never had the time for! Get that six-pack, walk more, join a dance class, join a gym, or take martial arts classes.

4. Career Goals

If you were in a relationship where you put your career goals aside, now is the time to refocus yourself and get back on track. Reorganize your priorities and set goals for yourself—go get what you feel will satisfy your soul in terms of your career path.

5. Meeting New People

When you’re single you can meet new people without any reservations, go on 100 first dates—even a couple of second and third dates—or even hook-up as much (or as little) as you want. You can have as many first kisses as you would like or none at all. This is the time to be “free,” as some call it, and experience as many things and people as you would like.

Remember that the wonders of being single will mean different things to different people—if you are single, be happy with where you are now. Wishing for the past means you’re missing out on your present.