Being single or being married is a matter of personal choice. There should be no hard and fast rule about these things. In Indian society, once a person reaches a certain age, the pressure of getting marriage increases. Family and friends keep questioning about why you don’t want to get married. And people or “society” as they call it, starts making up all sorts of theories. It is almost impossible to stay single peacefully. But according to us, if any of you have decided to remain a bachelor for the rest of your life, it is a good idea. Do not let the world tell you that it is bad or brings loneliness. Do not listen to them if you have decided to stay a bachelor. We will give you 5 solid reasons why it is an excellent idea after all.

No restrictions

Staying a bachelor means that you won’t be restricted in any way. Nobody will restrict you from doing things that you want to. Be it late night parties, or wearing your choice of outfits, your trips and so on. You can be a free bird, people might call it selfish, but we think it is fine. It is important to do things for your own happiness.

single man

Nobody to question your choices

There will be nobody in your life to question your choices. If you want to quit your job and just travel, you can do that. If you want to set up a business, you can do that. If you want to move to another city, just do it. Nobody to question your choices and that way your success and failures are your own.

Your money is all yours

All the money that you earn, you can spend it on yourself.  You don’t have to buy stuff for other people (except family, that too if you wish to)


Being a workaholic is easy

If you love work, you don’t have to worry about a complaining wife or girlfriend. You can give your heart and soul to your work and stay back late night whenever the situation demands. Being single works the best for workaholics who work day and night. If work is worship, staying a bachelor will work perfectly for you.

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No burden of responsibilities

A marriage comes with a lot of added responsibilities. So if you have decided to stay a bachelor, it is awesome because there won’t be any responsibilities of a spouse or children.

These are the 5 solid reasons that prove why your choice of staying a bachelor is awesome. It is easy, fun and tension-free. There is nothing you need to worry about other than your own dreams, work life and your own choices.