Whether its a celebration or a festivity, what is that one thing that we all do? Break into a dance! It’s an activity that people of all ages and from all walks of life enjoy. Here are some reasons why you need to learn dancing, no matter what your age, profession or body shape.

1. “Have Feet. Will Dance”: Dance is for one and all. “There is no such thing as two left feet, and if you believe there is, join a dance class and it will definitely change your mind! It’s not always about getting the steps right, but it is about being in the moment, enjoying the music, moving your body and letting your spirit free; that is what dance is all about!” says popular dance teacher Shiamak Davar.

2. Are you shy or an introvert? Are you new in the city and looking to make friends? Do you want to do a group activity where everyone is happy and cheerful? Then, dance is for you. Dancing in groups can help you shed inhibitions and connect with people. That will help you socialize more. Dancing is an amazing activity for people of all ages because it gives us the physical exercise and social contact that we all want and crave. It’s an easy way to get occupied with the community and have some fun.

3. From hitting the gym to going for a run and controlling your diet, it’s hard for some people to find the enthusiasm to get fit, but you can dance your way to fitness. Dance is an amazing cardiovascular workout that can build your stamina, increase your flexibility, tone your muscles, and strengthen your body overall by doing what you love to some great, upbeat music!

4. Start out early, start late, but dance will always keep you young at heart! Right from 4-year-old toddlers to the 84-year-old enthusiasts, dance has no age limit.

5. There is no end to learning dance. Just when you think you’ve mastered a move, there are so many more that come along. When you think you’ve learned a style, you can pick up another one!