Facing difficulty in concentrating? Do you have low IQ? If yes, you should start learning how to play piano. Like any other musical instrument, playing piano has a plethora of benefits. Taking piano lessons is a great way to get smarter. Learning to play music improves the intellect and cognitive skills of a person. That’s why it is advised to make your children study a musical instrument. It has a profound impact on your brain and can provide long-term benefits.Also Read - Lockdown Fitness Tip: Play Your Favourite Music Track And Dance to Keep Your Body Healthy

When you play the piano, your brain cells get activated and you get physical benefits apart from having fun. It is a great hobby to develop. If you are looking for enough reasons to take piano lessons, read further. Also Read - Lisa Davis: A Woman With a Piano

Improves Your Coordination

When you play piano, both your hands perform different jobs at the same time. This requires good coordination between your left and right parts of the brain. Learning this instrument can improve your brain’s capability to signal both your hands to execute different movements at the same time. As a result, different areas of your brain will get stimulated and the coordination between your eyes and hands will also improve significantly. Also Read - Inaaya Naumi Kemmu Playing The Piano While Singing 'Happy Birthday Papa' For Kunal Kemmu With Melt Your Hearts

Enhances Reading Skills

Music notes are written in symbols and you need to decode them to play them on piano. This can improve your reading skills, says a study published in the journal Psychology of Music.

Brings Positive Changes in Brain

Playing the piano requires physical activity that stimulates your brain and adds new neural connections. It also improves your memory, language, and math skills.

Improves Aural Awareness

Learning this musical instrument can improve your sense of hearing. It helps you recognize tones, chords and intervals. This means, playing piano can make it easier for you to learn foreign languages better.\

Increases Production of Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. It regulates the metabolism of fat, bone growth, and cardiovascular functions. Taking piano lessons can improve the level of this hormone in the body and keep you energetic. It has also found to be effective in preventing body aches in old age.