You look good and feel great when you have well-toned abs. It is a sign of fitness and health but due to the lifestyle and lack of exercise, people have excess tummy fat these days. Fat in you mid section is one of the most common problems. Sometimes, even after spending hours working out in the gym, you may not see a change and if it is happening to you then you are doing something wrong. Here are five reasons why you are not seeing a toned midrib and how to change it. (ALSO READ These 5 exercises will give you rock-solid abs).

1. You are not doing different types of exercises

The muscles in your tummy are complex and you need a workout to activate and strengthen each muscle. You need to train these muscles and if you are not doing different types of exercises then the muscles are not activated enough. So, do not stick to doing just crunches but choose a set of exercises that work each muscle. Try deadlifts, planks and side crunches.

2. You are not doing cardio

Doing just the abs exercises will not help you if you have excess fat on your body. You need to melt the fat and then train your abs muscle to get that ripped look and cardio is the best way to lose fat. The tummy fat is the hardest to get rid of and you can lose the fat by doing strength training along with the cardio.

3. Your form is not proper



Maintaining the form is important for every exercise. Some of the common mistakes include using the momentum to do the exercise, pulling the neck and not engaging the core. Keep your form right while exercising. You can use a mirror to check your form.

4. Your training is not intense enough

You need to keep the muscles in your abs active and stimulated. For this, you need to make the workout more intense as your muscles get used to the exercises. Try to add weight to your workout routine to keep your muscles engaged. You can also use resistance belt or ankle weights to increase the difficulty level and challenge your muscles. (ALSO READ 5 exercises to get a bigger booty without surgery ).

5. Your diet is not clean

Along with exercise, you need to have a clean diet. If you are eating high-calorie food after working out then it will nullify the effect. Always remember, you are what you eat. Eat clean and your body will respond.

Make sure you are not doing these common mistakes while doing abs exercise and you will definitely see the result.