In a recent study published, it was found out that Indian women are more likely to die because of domestic violence as compared to women in the US. Researchers from University of Washington who were a part of this study revealed that most injury in women from India is due to domestic violence, which is a major cause of concern. Domestic violence has always been a cause of worry for Indians. And keeping gender biases away, it is only fair to mention that even Indian men have been victims of domestic violence. Most of these cases are either because of dowry, alcohol or some other reasons. Whatever the reasons are domestic violence should not be dealt with silently. It is important to stand up against domestic violence, whether you are the victim or somebody you know is. To help you identify, here are the 5 signs that you need to look for.

Anger is abnormally aggressive

If your partner gets abnormally aggressive every time there is  even a small argument, take this as a sign. If your partner breaks things or bangs his fists on the wall, this kind of anger is not really normal. This can turn worse with time.

domestic violence 2

Name calling is the norm

Fights and arguments can be called normal and healthy in a relationship when it is done in a mature way. If your partner indulges in name calling or abusing, this is another sign of upcoming abuse.

Jealousy dominates the relation

If you are not allowed to talk to people of the opposite sex, not allowed to meet friends or family this can be called domestic violence. Any form of emotional and mental abuse is also domestic violence.

domestic violence1

Wants to move things quickly in a relationship

So you guys have just met, however your partner wants to move things quickly. Your partner talks of marriage, commitment and other things. Consider this as a sign. Your partner wants to establish an authority over you and these are just his/her ways of getting done that.

You fear your partner

In a relationship, two people should love and respect each other. However if there is fear, a constant fear of fights or being abused, this is a indicative sign that things are not good.

Apart from these signs, the most obvious sign is obviously physical abuse. If you or anybody you know is suffering from any of this, muster the courage to bring a stop to it. The more silent you are, the worse the abuse gets. So stand up to it and walk away from a relationship like this.