Dealing with anxiety disorder is not a piece of cake. For the uninitiated, anxiety usually happens as a reaction to stress. If there is a lot of stress in a person’s life, it takes a toll on one’s mental and psychological health. Anxiety can be chronic in some cases and it only gets worse if not treated. The key to treating anxiety is by identifying it quickly. So if you have a doubt that you might be suffering from anxiety disorder, here are 5 signs that will help you confirm. ALSO READ DIY remedies for anxiety: 6 effective home remedies to get rid of anxiety

Sleeping disorders

When someone is suffering from anxiety, they have problems sleeping. Most of them are not be able to sleep at all. Anxiety patients spend the whole night worrying about trivial things.

anxiety 1

Self doubt

Doubting your own abilities or confidence is another common sign of anxiety. It often revolves around day to day things or feelings. A person suffering from anxiety may have doubts about the way he/she looks, sexuality and relationships too.

amxiety 2

Excessive tension

Being worried is a part of everybody’s life. However there is a difference between normal worries and anxiety-influenced tension.  If you have anxiety, your tension and worries will remain for weeks together, sometimes even months. Sometimes anxiety is so bad that it messes with your daily activities and you feel too tired.

Panic attacks

Another common symptom of anxiety disorder is panic attacks. Panic attacks are when you suddenly feel too scared or helpless and this feeling can last for a few minutes. You may also experience breathing problems, numb hands, weakness, tummy pain, chest pain, pounding heart or feeling too hot or too cold. If you have had panic attacks more often in recent times, you might want to get it checked to see if you have anxiety.

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They hate being around people

People suffering from anxiety disorder usually hate being in public. They just hate being around people and they like to be alone. Too many people make them anxious and evoke a sense of tension and fear.

If you have been experiencing any of these, then maybe you are suffering from anxiety disorder. Before you conclude, it is always a wise thing to get yourself checked by an expert. Let the expert decide whether you have anxiety disorder or not after they have examined you. They will guide you with what to do next if you are indeed suffering from anxiety.