Stress and other health problems are some of the major reasons why a lot of people quit their jobs. What surprising is that it is not only the work that’s stressful. Everything from the office environment, to what we eat and how we sit to what we drink, has an effect on our health. Here are some simple, easy-to-follow things you can do at your workplace to be healthy despite all the workload!Also Read - Man Moves Into Office Cubicle, Says He Can't Afford Rent Due to Low Income | See Pics

1) Step out: Whenever possible, make it a point to step out of the office. You could take a ten-minute break after your lunch to walk outside. Being holed up inside the air-conditioned office for several hours at a stretch can lead to a number of health problems including cold and allergies, headaches, dry skin and drowsiness. Stepping out in the open air and sun for a while can make you more alert and fresh. Also Read - Feeling Stressed? Here Are Top 5 Ways to Beat Work From Home Stress

2) Don’t sit for more than 30 minutes at a stretch: Studies have shown that sitting can increase your risk of diabetes, heart diseases and death. Stand up and stretch yourself. Go for a walk in the open. Take breaks but don’t make them about food or chai every time. We have a tendency to chat up with colleagues over a snack, or a cup of chai or worse while smoking. These are just damaging your body without providing any sort of relaxation. Also Read - Beauty Resolution 2021: Time To De-Stress, Pamper Your Skin and Well-being

3) Walk up the stairs: If your office is on a higher floor and can’t walk up completely, get off at least 3-4 floors below and walk up the rest of the journey.

4) Keep caffeine consumption to a minimum: If you are tempted to reach out for coffee to stay awake post lunch or during a long meeting, avoid it. After the initial high, coffee can make you dehydrated and hence, more tired. The one drink that can surprisingly do the work of coffee is water. Just up your intake of water and see what a difference it makes. Studies have shown that eating an apple works as a good replacement for coffee because it gives you a boost of energy. Did you know that smelling citrus fragrances like that of orange can help you feel more awake? You could also try other soothing scents lavender oil, rose oil and rosemary oil to help you feel fresh and relaxed.

5) Avoid oily, fatty and sugary foods: Do not have chips, biscuits, too much of rice or noodles, puris or cold drinks to fuel yourself up at the office. These will make you put on weight and slow you down. You should stick to light meals at work and keep your indulgences for later.