Whether you live in a tiny city apartment or in a quaint cottage at the edge of the woods, your bedroom can ooze luxurious charm. With a few simple tricks—and a bit of creative thinking—turning your room into a 5-star presidential suite-like space has never been easier.

A few key changes in styling will have your bedroom looking like a million bucks in no time. Read on to find out how to give your favorite unwinding space the ultimate make over.

1. The Sheets

The first thing that hits you about a luxurious hotel room is the richness of its linens. You can choose from cotton sheets with a 300 or more thread count or opt for a blend of satin and cotton for a more flowy feel and easier maintenance. Although white is the best option for a clean, pure feel, if you don’t want your room to look too much like a hotel room, opt for a slightly deeper beige. If you want the ultimate royal feel, be bold and go all out with a combination of gold and purple linens.

Covering your sheets with a heavy bedcover is a good idea as well. Not only will it protect the sheets underneath, it will also add that extra oomph factor to your room. Whether you choose a lighter or a darker color, opt for a bedcover in silk or satin for a rich, warm look. If you can find one embroidered with intricate designs, even better for the embroidery will make the entire space look and feel more personal.

2. The Curtains

The best hotel rooms tend to have rich, thick curtains with linings to completely ‘black out’ the space and create a zen-like atmosphere for relaxation. Golden, beige and brown are good colors for curtains; they dim the lights in the room effectively without making it depressing. Curtains with self stripes look sophisticated and classy. For a more regal feel, you can go in for a pattern of self large flowers. Make sure you combine your curtains with white or beige sheers to allow for plenty of sunlight whenever you want!

If you are fortunate enough to get loads of sunshine throughout the day, you can even go for darker colors—think bright red velvet or deep purple!

3. The Pillows

The ultimate in bedroom styling decadence? Lots and lots of pillows give a bed an oh-so-plush feel. Besides the pillows that you use for sleeping, add a long one to lend you ample back rest, square European ones for lounging comfortably and smaller rectangular ones for a feeling of coziness. Match the colors of the pillow cases to those of the rest of the linens. If you are going in for milder hues, throw in a set of bright cases for a pop of color and a touch of style.

4. The Walls

Keep your walls simple because it will give you a lot of  room to experiment with different styles of lamps, curtains, paintings and linens. That is not to say you only have to stick to white. Hues of creams and beiges work well to give your room a large, airy feel, specially to offset those rich curtains. Using a paint or wallpaper with a self design  also adds a touch of style and class to the décor.

Highlight portions of the walls with contrasting colors in paintings to accentuate a sense of elegance and keep the lighting low, warm and yellow for a cozy yet classy feel. Besides bedside lamps, corner floor or hanging lamps and smaller lights that focus on a favorite painting work well to visually keep the room together and create an atmosphere of calm.

5. The Accessories

No hotel room is complete without those luxurious bathrobes and plush slippers. To add to the atmosphere and feel like you live and breathe luxury, invest in a set of the most comfortable and soft robes and slippers  that you can find. To feel extra special, get your initials embroidered on your robe, slippers and even your toilet bag and towels. It’s the accessories that truly make your room a haven of indulgence!