Keeping one self well-groomed is something we all need to do regularly. While women often rely on going to a salon, men usually opt to groom themselves at home apart from a basic haircut and shave. However, they tend to miss some obvious spots when doing so simply because they aren’t used to so much grooming. Here are some areas they need to pay attention to in order to keep themselves looking great and their skin healthy.


Most men do not notice their elbows and fail to see that this part lacks moisture and gets dry easily. This area needs to be moisturized every day so that you don’t see a white patch which is basically your skin turning dry. All you need is a pea-sized drop of body lotion. Apply it in circular motions so that your skin absorbs it well and then you don’t have itchy, rough elbows anymore.


The knees are also an oft-ignored area and because men often wear jeans or trousers when going to work, they usually don’t pay attention to their appearance. The knees too get dry easily and the skin is rough as compared to other areas of the legs. So, apply some moisturizer on them as well. Applying it right after you shower is the best practice as it locks in the moisture in your skin for longer. (ALSO SEE Men, stop making these haircare mistakes)


Just because you will be wearing socks and shoes does not mean you don’t pay attention to your feet. They need to be hygienic and clean so that they look good and also don’t become a house of germs. To make this happen, always wash your feet after coming back home. Then, towel-dry them and if your skin is rough and dry, apply some moisturizer or petroleum jelly before you go to bed. This will keep your feet soft. You can wear socks and sleep if you are applying petroleum jelly. (ALSO SEE 6 easy grooming tips for men)


Lips are another spot that need daily care because they are delicate. If you a smoker, it becomes all the more essential to take good care of them or else they will turn darker than usual. While a lip balm cannot undo the damage of smoking, it can perhaps prolong it. Simply apply clear lip balm before you go to sleep to keep your lips soft and prevent them from getting chapped. (ALSO SEE Saif Ali Khan’s grooming and skincare revealed)


Just because you cannot see your back does not mean you ignore it and not take care of it. While applying soap when taking a bath will help get rid of the germs and dirt, it is also important to do a bit extra once in a while to pamper your back. Get a back rub or a back massage using oil once a month to keep the skin healthy and smooth. If you can, moisturize it once in a while using a body lotion.

So don’t ignore these areas as they are part of your body and make sure you pamper them well whenever you can.

Photograph: Shutterstock