During summer, bugs like mosquitoes, spiders, flies etc. thrive. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to look for effective ways to ward off the threat of vector-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, Chikungunya etc. Certain plants act as natural bugs repellent and can keep them away from your vicinity. Though there are various types of pesticide and bug trap available in the market, what can be better than natural solutions? So, here we tell you about certain plants that you can plant in your outdoor space to deter mosquitoes and other bugs naturally.Also Read - 'Coconut oil compounds more effective than insect repellents'

Citronella grass

It is one of the most effective natural ingredients that keep mosquitoes away. Its lemon-like fragrance respells pests. This low maintenance plant contains a compound that does the repelling work. To keep bugs at bay, you need to have a lot of citronella grass around your house. In case you are planting just one, place it in a pot and keep it in the seating area. Its little aroma can protect you from bugs only when you are close to it. Also Read - Soon, liquid-repellent clothes may spell end for laundry


This tall perennial grass has bugs-fighting properties. According to a study published in the Malaria Journal, lemongrass offers up to 95 per cent protection from mosquitoes for 2.5 hours. This means, growing lemongrass in your yard can help you keep the mosquito born-diseases at bay. Also Read - Mosquito Repellent Creams: Are They Safe to Use?


Pungent aroma of mint leaves can keep mosquitoes, flies and even ants away. Mint contains an essential oil that can also soothe bug bites. This is one of the best nontoxic mosquito repellent plants. Mint leaves have aromatic properties repulsive to mosquitoes and other insects.


This herb can deter both mosquitoes and houseflies. It’s more effective in this work than DEET. Catnip contains an essential oil called nepetalactone, that gives a characteristic odour to this plant. This smell is what keeps bugs away.


Basil emits a pungent aroma that is toxic to mosquito larvae. Planting this plant near standing water can deter mosquitoes, says a study published in the Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology.