A woman experiences several changes and hormonal fluctuations throughout her life which usually starts from the ages of 11-13 years. It begins from the menarche and goes up till menopause while encountering stages like pregnancy and regular monthly cycles. It becomes imperative for women to include vital vitamins to ensure that their body is regularly appended with nutritional goodness. Dr Rita Bakshi, senior gynaecologist and founder, International Fertility Centre tells us about the benefits of several vitamins that a woman must include in her diet:Also Read - What are Vitamin Supplements? Are They Good For Health?

1. Vitamin B6 Also Read - A Balanced Meal Has Always Been About Including All Food Items and Not Just Proteins and Vitamins

This Vitamin is an essential source of nutrition as helps in grater production of Haemoglobin in the body to avoid several threatening conditions like Anaemia. It even reduces the symptoms of PMS and boosts the immune system. It even helps in preventing severe cardiac problems and health conditions. Along with this, it even helps in alleviating the mood of the woman. Also Read - Menstrual Cups Vs Pads Vs Tampons: Which is Safer For Women’s Health?

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D really helps in ensuring a healthy pregnancy and stronger bones. It plays a significant role in the maintaining of calcium levels in the body and upkeep of phosphorus levels in the blood. It is very important for postmenopausal women as the goodness of this vitamin even reduces the risk of infections, diabetes while reducing the menace of cancer.

3. Folic Acid

Proper consumption of Folic Acid is essential for supplementing prenatal needs of expecting mothers. It is always advised for women who are planning pregnancy to ensure take generous amounts of folic acid or its supplements for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. This vitamin helps in the proper formation of the baby and reduces unwanted defects.

4. Vitamin C

One of the main functions of Vitamin C is the formation of Red Blood Cells in the body which is essentially required by the anaemic women. It even helps in speeding up the process of healing of cuts etc. It is even considered to be a strong antioxidant that reduces the risk of several infections, lowers the risk of heart problems, prevents iron deficiencies and even fights high blood pressure.

5. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is attained in the form of beta-carotene from the food which is then converted into vitamin A in our body. It helps in retaining good eyesight and reduces several complications in the body. It even supports good bone health and a healthy immune system.