Are you not able to control your urge to have sex and end up being intimate? Do you always dream of having sex with someone? If yes, you are suffering from a condition called hypersexual disorder. Also known as sexual addiction, it is a medical condition that needs medical help. If you this condition, you will experience an uncontrolled urge to have sex and you will find yourself sad if you won’t find a partner to get intimate. This compulsive sexual behaviour can severely affect your personal and professional life. If you wish to manage the condition, opt for these ways.

Find your triggers

Try to know what exactly makes you wild. Is it watching porn, having intimate conservation, or use of the erotic word? Knowing and understanding your trigger will help you tackle the situation in a better manner. Once you are confirmed about your sexual trigger, try to avoid it as much as possible. Try to be socially available and try to drive your attention from sexual talks to spirituality or anything totally opposite of the former.

Take medical help

If you are not able to control your condition, do not wait for long and immediately visit a doctors’ clinic. Taking a psychologist’s help will also do the needful. A therapist will help you calm down to manage the level of hormones responsible for the onset of the condition. Your doctor may tell you about some daily workouts that can keep your stress and hypersexual behaviours at bay.

Look for a real reason to get well

This is important because doing anything without a motive won’t do good to you. Think of hazards that may come to your family if you won’t tackle your medical condition. Think of what if you get jail term for offending laws? These personal associations will help you get rid of the situation easily.