Depression is one of the most talked about problems these days. Some people have glorified it beyond imagination, while there are some who have just underestimated it. Depression does not mean just feeling sad. It is far worse than you know. You can never tell by looking at a person whether he/she is depressed or not. A person suffering from depression may never look sad from the outside. Sometimes for a depressed person it is happiness all around and sometimes everything looks sad and dull. Depression makes a person moody and it can also change your appetite and sleeping pattern. You will not have the energy to do anything and there will be hardly any sexual desire. This is what most people suffering from depression face. If your partner is suffering from depression, you should be able to help him/her through everything. It becomes your responsibility to make sure you help your partner. And for those who do not know much about depression, here is everything that you ever wanted to know.

Show them all the love they need

If your partner is suffering from depression, you have to be extra careful of how you behave with him/her. All they need is love and some kind words. If your partner is having a bad day, just be there. Do not tell your love that he or she is being stupid for being sad or do not tell him/her that they are crazy. Just love your significant other and tell them it is okay. It is okay to feel a certain way and that you are there for your love through everything. It doesn’t matter how your partner responds to this, it will definitely help them stay calm.

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Give them all the space they need

Sometimes people suffering form depression like to be left alone. So if your partner asks you to leave him/her alone, just do it. Your partner needs space and you have to give it because at that point of time even if you want to be with your love, it might just backfire. You need to understand that a depression patient should always be dealt with a lot of patience.(ALSO READ Woman’s prenatal stress can impact mental health of kids).

Understand whenever they are moody

A depression patient can be very moody. They can be angry at one point and happy in the next moment. We understand it can be quite difficult for you to completely understand what’s happening. So what you can do is, whenever your partner is moody, just understand their feelings and be supportive. Never make them feel bad about themselves.

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Work out together

One of the best ways to deal with a partner who is suffering from depression is by working out together. Exercises will help both of you deal with stress. In fact several medical experts have also suggested that exercises helps beat depression mildly. Do not push your partner to work out, but just join him/her in whatever form of exercise they prefer. It will be an added fun activity when two people in love work out together. (ALSO READ Marijuana could help treat drug addiction, depression).

Go with them for treatments if any

If your partner is getting treated for depression and if  he/ she has to go for routine check ups often, be supportive and accompany whenever you can.  You going will be a huge help because you can help the psychiatrist understand what the patient hasn’t understood. Behavioral changes, mood swings and eating patterns are things that you can notice way better than the patient.

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