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Most of my relationships are of the long distance variety. Without a reliable messaging app to help me communicate with more than twenty cousins and friends in various countries, staying connected would be next to impossible. Enter: WhatsApp, the messaging app of choice. Also Read - European Man Buys Private Island For Rs 47 Crore Via Video Without Even Visiting Location!

Take my word for it, the land of WhatsApp is a beautiful place, filled with certainty and a minefield of excess information so you can keep tabs on those you love. There’s a feature for every question you need to answer to within this nifty communication app. Also Read - Bengaluru Man Strips for Girlfriend on Video Call, Miscreants Extort Rs 22,000 by Threatening to Leak It

1. Did they receive my mildly offensive text? Use read receipts.

We all have those times when we furiously type out a joke that sounded way better in our heads than in our group text.

This action is usually followed by regret as hours pass by and nobody responds. Instead of fretting over their reactions or lack thereof, confirm if they even read your text with WhatsApps helpful read receipts.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • One gray check mark: Congrats, you have successfully sent your text.
  • Two gray check marks: The text was successfully delivered to your contact’s phone.
  • Two blue check marks: The recipient has read your message.

If you want to get super technical and determine exactly what time everyone in a group read your text, hold down the message you sent and click info to see a time-stamp for each person.

Side note: If someone did read your WhatsApp message via push notification it won’t be registered as read.

2. Don’t want the boyfriend to know that you read his/her texts the minute you receive them? Disable read receipts.

Young love can be so great and instantaneous. But sometimes you need to make your partner sweat it out a little bit, you know?

An important rule about read receipts, others will not be able to see when you read their message and you will not be able to determine when they read your text.

Read receipts are automatically sent for group messages regardless if you have the feature disabled. You need an Android phone unless you have a jailbroken iPhone to disable this feature.

WhatsApp released the feature last year and it’s still in beta. Download the Android APK here, once you install it, tap Settings→ Account → Privacy, and you can uncheck the read receipts option.

3. Trying to plan a party for your international friends, but you are also trying to keep the guest list private? Use a broadcast list.

Group messaging can be the worst, and sometimes you need a platform to message all of your friends without them all chiming in through one thread. Instead, use a broadcast list, which is similar to BBC’ing folks on an email.

Each recipient won’t know that 50 of your other closest friends also received an invite to your party.

4. Had a stroke of brilliance that you need to document? Email a copy of the conversation to yourself.

You can back up your chat history and email yourself a copy to make sure your accomplishments will not be forgotten. Click on the chat/contact name to see contact/group info. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click email chat.

5. Need to cut back on data usage? Change your auto-download settings.

Do not be embarrassed if you are still using your family’s data plan. But save them a couple of bucks in data charges by changing your Auto-Download preferences. Go to Setting→ Chat Settings→ Auto-Download. Select Wi-Fi for all media downloads.

You can also help keep your photo library clean by turning off the Save Incoming Media option.