Now safe sex practices is something that several parts of India still needs to get used to. Since several sections of society still shy from talking about sex or anything related, there is a lot of information that is still not known. And there are some  information about sex being passed around that don’t even make sense. So this time we thought of bringing to you some of the weirdest myths about condom. These myths are so crazy that they will crack you up. But the sad truth is people think they are real which is a proof that sex education stills needs to reach people and it is important. So here are 6 condom myths that we plan to debunk for you. You need to stop believing in these right now! ALSO READ How to wear a condom: Step-by-step guide to using a male condom correctly! Also Read - Why #ForgetCondoms? Because Durex Has Launched India's Thinnest Condoms Called 'Invisible', Meme Fest Ensues

Condoms are 100 per cent safe

Now this is one of the biggest myths about condom that most people actually believe,. Guys, this is not true at all. Condos will not help you prevent pregnancy 100 per cent. There are chances of pregnancy even after you used condoms. They are only 99.6 per cent safe.  So always keep your back up options ready. Do not completely rely on condoms for preventing pregnancies. Also Read - Eww! Cops Bust a Factory in Vietnam Which Used to Sell Used Condoms After Washing Them

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Condoms means no fun

The truth is condoms only add to the fun. It can enhance your sex life and there have  been several studies that prove. Couples who use condoms experienced equal pleasure as the one who did not use condoms. The use of condoms will not really affect your sex life.  And people just obsess over the fact that they are uncomfortable. Just give it a try and you will realize that there is nothing stopping you from having fun even with a condom on.

If the girl has taken her pill, condom is not necessary

You can continue believing this if you are too lazy or selfish to buy a condom. One of the main reasons why sex experts and doctors suggest on using condoms is because it keeps both the partners protected from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases.  The pill may prevent pregnancy, but what about your sexual health. Doesn’t that need equal importance too? Contracting STIs is something you certainly do not want. So use a condom irrespective of whether you girl has taken a pill or not. ALSO READ OMG! This smart condom will tell you how good or bad your sexual performance was!


Two condoms mean more protection

So condoms are sex protection tools ans we agree. But it is too bizarre to believe that two condoms means more protection. This is plain myth guys! You need to use only one condom and that will do the work if used correctly. In fact if you wear two condoms, both the condoms can have friction leading to tear which makes it less effective. So one condom is the rule, rest everything is plain myth.

Condoms are not required for oral sex

The only time you shouldn’t use a condom during oral sex is when you can’t resist from biting it because that will tear it and then it serves no purpose. But without a condom in during oral sex, we will tell you the number of diseases and infections that you can contract. HPV, Pubic lie, STIs and herpes are some of the diseases that can be passed easily through oral sex. It can also  cancer. Thus if you ask the experts they will  tell you that using a condom is always advisable, even during oral sex. You can try the flavored condoms if plain ones make you uncomfortable. ALSO READ How to use female condom: Step by step video guide to use a femidom before having sex

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Buying condoms is a man’s responsibility

This is a myth and an extremely wrong belief. Why should buying a condom be only a man’s responsibility? Is it because it is the man who has to use it? Well, even though it is the man who has to use a condom, it is for the protection of both the girl and the boy. Unless you are too shy, never live under the impression that only a man can buy a condom. If the society is what bothers you, you should not care a damn. A girl buying a condom should be accepted by the society and you can make a small contribution towards that. Step out, be bold and buy condoms. It is not bad and doesn’t make you a bad woman.

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