Gout refers to a type of arthritis which causes sudden bouts of pain and swelling around the joints. Gout is a result of high levels of uric acid in your blood. This uric acid can form hard crystal deposits which could further lead to painful swelling and deformity. Chronic gout can cause massive damage to your bones and cartilage. Gout is lifelong and needs proper care and management with medication and the right kind of food. There are certain triggers that could cause flare-ups of gout and worsen the pain. This is why you must know what you SHOULDN’T do to prevent painful gout as much as you can:Also Read - Study Reveals How Osteoarthritis is Increasing Everyday And is Now a Global Health Concern

Purine-rich food: If you are suffering from gout, you need to drastically reduce the intake of certain food that is actually healthy. These include chicken, fish and meats. Uric acid is formed when a chemical component called purine breaks down. Purine is naturally present in your body and also in certain foods. Naturally, when you eat foods that have purine, it could trigger gout. The foods that have high levels of purine include kidneys, livers, scallops, shellfish, mussels, tuna, tomatoes etc. It is best you avoid them completely to prevent attacks of gout. Also Read - 4 Efficient Eating Tips to Follow if You Have Arthritis

Weight gain: When you are heavy, there is more pressure exerted on the joints and bones which could lead to pain. This can worsen the condition. That’s why weight loss is highly recommended. This will also delay and slow down the deterioration of your bones. Moderate exercise can help you lose weight. Also Read - 11 Skulls, 54 Bones Of Foetuses Found At Hospital In Maharashtra's Wardha, Probe Underway

Alcohol: Not that alcohol is otherwise good for your health, but, if you are suffering from gout, you must completely keep away from alcohol. Alcohol has levels of uric acid which will trigger gout attacks.

Dehydration: In order to help your body eliminate uric acid crystals regularly from your body, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated. You must drink lots of water and other fluids.

Sugar beverages, bakery products: Anything that’s made with refined flour, sugar, fructose syrup will raise uric levels in your body. These foods also cause weight gain which is bad for those suffering from gout.

Skipping medication: You need to monitor your uric acid levels regularly to keep gout in check. This is why you need regular consultations with your doctor. Medications that are given for uric acid regulation should also not be missed as that could trigger gout.