Does monsoon spell doom for your skin and hair? It doesn’t have to. Here are some care tips for hair, skin and makeup as suggested by Sukoon Rajani, founder, Beauty and The Blowout Salon.Also Read - Kerala To Receive Heavy Rainfall For Next 5 Days, Yellow Alert Issued In 11 Districts

Hair: Stay away from using hair sprays, gels and any such hair products. Say yes to conditioner. Oil your hair and massage gently to avoid breakage. Shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week to keep your sticky and sweaty scalp healthy and wash off the rainwater that is loaded with pollutants. Also Read - Weather Alert! Gurugram to Issue Advance Work From Home Advisories This Monsoon. Deets Inside

Accessorize with a scarf or hairband to protect your hair from excessive moisture. It would not just cover up a bad hair day but make you look cool too. Also Read - 10 Most Common Monsoon Diseases And Measures to Control Them

To avoid frizzy hair this monsoon: Prevent using a blow dryer. Use a hair masque and serum. Do not use a rough towel.

Skin: Use a nourishing moisturizer to make your skin moist and healthy. A rainy or cloudy day doesn’t mean your skin is safe from the harmful ultra-violet rays; use a good sunscreen every day to avoid any skin problems. Exfoliation removes dead skin and helps unclog pores. Tone your skin to remove the leftover dirt and makeup. The skin must be cleaned daily with a soap-free cleanser and the dead cells removed by gently rubbing the skin. One must be extra careful in cleansing the skin without losing the natural moisture of the skin. The cleansing agent must be mild but strong enough to remove the dirt and dust from the skin.

Make-up: Use powders: During the monsoon, avoid using cream-based products. “The best bet for your lips is matte tints. Opt for soft mattes, pink shades or soft browns instead of bold and bright reds. You can also apply a water-based moisturizer during monsoon, this helps in avoiding too much oil over skin, acne and loss of water during perspiration.

Hand and feet care: Keeping them dry is key to taking care of your hands and feet during the monsoon as fungus tends to thrive in a damp and moist environment.

Wear open footwear: Avoid wearing boots, as these hold water for a longer duration, creating a damp environment for your feet. Don’t forget to completely dry your feet, once you get home. Trim your nails, visit a salon to do a manicure and pedicure once in every 15 days.