Summer season is a time for vacations but it also comes along with a lot of health-related problems. Heat stroke, loo, sweat, and season change can all pose a challenge as far as your health is concerned. Here are some common summer ailments and preventive tips that you can practice while indulging in your summer adventures.

1. Food Poisoning- Summer season encourages bacteria to multiply. Cooked food that’s stored outside in the heat creates the perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow. You must store cooked food in a refrigerator. Try to consume freshly prepared food.

2. Rashes- Where there is heat there are burns and rashes too. When the weather is so humid and hot, heat rashes can happen because of the blockage in sweat ducts. To avoid this summer disease, wear light clothes especially cotton, and keep yourself clean too.

3. Measles- “This is also one of the very common diseases during summer season caused by the measles virus. The best way to prevent this virus is to take MMR Vaccination. The vaccination can be given to adults as well as children between 6-13 months if they are at risk of catching measles,” says Dr Sujit Paul, managing director, Stayhappi Pharmacy.

4. Chickenpox– It can easily spread through cough and sneezes and also one of the very common infections during the summer season. In order to avoid this virus, make sure to sanitize your hands thoroughly, avoid contact with the person infected with the disease, and get vaccinated at the earliest.

5. Typhoid– “It’s a bacterial infection and happens very often during the summer season. High fever, weakness, constipation etc are the common signs of it. To prevent this disease, you must get vaccinated. There are two types of vaccines– one in the form of an injection to kill the bacteria and other is pill or medicine to weaken the typhoid bacteria,” Dr Sujit says.

6. Jaundice– Jaundice is mainly caused due to consumption of contaminated water and food. Light colour stool, dark urine, yellow eyes are some of the common signs of it. It’s generally recommended to stick to home-cooked food and filtered or mineral water to avoid these kind of diseases.

7. Heat Stroke- Avoid being outside in the direct sunlight between 11 AM to 4 PM. This is the time when the heat is at its peak. If you need to step out you must use a stole or scarf to cover your face and body.