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7 Must-Have Summer Coolers You Should Drink to Beat the Heat

Here we have listed seven easy and delicious summer cooler recipes that will quench your thirst and keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Updated: April 26, 2022 12:13 PM IST

By Lifestyle Staff | Edited by Anjali Thakur

7 Must-Have Summer Coolers You Must Drink to Beat the Heat
7 Must-Have Summer Coolers You Must Drink to Beat the Heat (Picture credit: Pexels)

Summer is the perfect time for drinking coolers/ drinks made from fresh and seasonal produce. Whether you’re relaxing poolside with your friends all day (discussing the latest TV shows or your latest career move) or enjoying a fruit-filled drink at a backyard barbecue, we agree that summer drinks and good company make this season more enjoyable & memorable. So, to help you embrace all that summer offers (drink-wise, at least), we rounded up seven easy and delicious summer cooler recipes that you can make all season long.

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Fennel Cooler


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  • Fennel seeds/ Green Sauf – 100gm
  • Elachi – 8-10pcs
  • Whole Pepper – 8-10 corns
  • Khadi shakkar – 100gm


Mix all the ingredients and grind them in a mixer. This blend can then be stored for future use as well. To make the drink, add two tablespoons of the powder mix to a glass of water and refrigerate it for 1-2 hours. Letting the powder soak in the water allows the flavour to blend into the drink and gives it a refreshing flavour.

Cucumber Melon Cooler


  • Melon – 2cups, chopped
  • Cucumber – 2 cups, chopped
  • Fresh mint leaves – 10-12
  • Pink/black salt – 1/2 tsp
  • Sugar – 3 tsp (or to taste)
  • Jeera powder – 1/4 tsp
  • Pepper powder – 1/4 tsp


Add all ingredients into a blender and blend it till it becomes smooth. Next, add some chilled water and adjust the consistency to the desired level. Pour in tall glasses. Add chopped mint leaves and ice cubes and serve immediately.

Mango Cinnamon Basil Shake


  • Ripe mango – 2 large
  • Basil leaves – 6pcs
  • Cinnamon powder – 1tsp
  • Sugar – 1tbsp (or to taste)


Wash the mangoes thoroughly and chop roughly. Now in a blender, add Mango pieces, Basil leaves, Cinnamon, sugar, and water. Blend to a fine juice consistency. You can also add 3-4 ice cubes. Transfer in a serving jug/pitcher and chill it before serving. Enjoy the refreshing drink – don’t forget to garnish it with fresh Basil or chopped Mango pieces.

Melon Milkshake


  • Honeydew melon – 300gm
  • Milk – 100ml
  • Vanilla ice cream – 2 scoops

Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth (about one minute). Serve immediately

Jamun Smoothie


  • Jamun – Deseeded -3/4 cup
  • Curd – 200gm
  • Honey/ sugar -2tbsp
  • Crushed Ice – as required


In a mixing jar, blend Jamun and honey till smooth. Then add curd and ice. Keep churning it in a blender for a few more seconds. Pour into serving glasses and serve immediately.

Black Current Cooler


  • Black raisins – 10-15 (soaked overnight)
  • Lemon juice – 1tbsp
  • Cumin – 1tbsp powdered
  • Black salt – 1tsp or as preferred


Blend the soaked black raisins in the water until crushed well. Strain the same with a sieve. Add lemon juice, powdered cumin, and black salt to this juice. Chill this mixture in the refrigerator or add ice cubes to it. Alternatively, you can also have it at room temperature. Serve and enjoy the natural goodness of the black raisin mocktail.

Watermelon Cucumber Cooler


  • Seedless watermelon – 2 cups, chopped
  • Cucumber – 1 cup, chopped
  • Lemon juice – 1tbsp
  • Honey -1tsp (as needed)
  • Ice
  • Cucumber slice for garnish


Puree the watermelon in a blender and strain the puree through a fine-mesh sieve. Next, puree the cucumber and strain it through the sieve into the watermelon juice. In a small bowl or measuring cup, stir the lime juice and honey together. Add this to the watermelon and cucumber juices, along with water. Adjust the sweetness with more honey if desired. To serve, fill glasses with ice and top each with a cocktail. Don’t forget to garnish with cucumber slices.

(Inputs by Minal Shah, Senior Nutrition Therapist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund) 

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Published Date: April 26, 2022 11:10 AM IST

Updated Date: April 26, 2022 12:13 PM IST