Pubic hair removal using wax is called bikini waxing. The process involves getting rid of the unnecessary hair growth near the pubic area using hot or cold wax. The wax is applied on the area and is removed to get rid of the hair using a wax strip. Women opt for a bikini wax session for various reasons, some of them include personal hygiene, grooming, and also for the sake of fashion. Bikini waxing removes hair from the bikini line, which is the area near the upper leg and inner thighs, which is not covered by the swimsuit bottoms. (ALSO READ What is bikini waxing: 13 tips to keep in mind before you plan your first bikini waxing appointment). Also Read - Expert Speaks on Skincare Tips to Get Rid of Skin Pigmentation or Dark Patches

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about bikini waxing: Also Read - Vitamin C For Skin: Here’s How You Can Make Your DIY Vitamin C Serum At Home

What is a full bikini wax?

Bikini wax is  a pubic hair removing method that removes as much as or as little hair as you like off the front and from the bikini line. So, if you are wearing a bikini, you will have no pubic hair peeking out from your bikini bottom. Also Read - The Quarantine Haircut: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Chops Hair, Flaunts Her Bangs

When should you get a bikini wax before vacation?

You need to grow out your hair for four weeks before getting a bikini wax. Or else wait till it is a quarter of an inch long otherwise the shorter the hair, the harder it becomes to pull the hair out. (ALSO READ Waxing tips at home: DIY at-home painless waxing tips you need to know).

How long does it take for hair to grow back after a bikini wax?

After getting a bikini wax, the results can last from 3 to 6 weeks. It varies from individual to individual. The growth will be minimal during the first two weeks, the growth will only start becoming noticeable post the second week.

What is the difference between a Brazilian wax and bikini wax?

The bikini line wax only removes the pubic hair that is visible outside of your bikini bottom, which means the hair on the upper inner thighs. Whereas the Brazilian wax removes everything off right from the front to the back, which includes also the area between the butt cheeks. (ALSO READ How to look good in a bikini? Here’s how you can confidently flaunt your bikini body this Summer).

Can you exfoliate after waxing?

Do not exfoliate your skin immedietly post waxing. You can wait for a day and if your skin is inflamed the next day, gently exfoliate your the are so that you prevent pimples and in-growth. But it is advisable not to exfoliate within 24 hours of waxing.


Can I shave between waxing appointments?

You should completely avoid shaving your pubic hair in between your waxing appointments. Try to avoid it as it will disrupt your hair growth. Let them grow and schedule your waxing appointment accordingly. (ALSO READ Say goodbye to ingrown hair: 5 ways to get rid of ingrowth from you bikini line, armpits and legs).

Will waxing make my hair grow back thicker, stronger and darker?

You do not have to absolutely worry about this. Waxing does not cause hair to grow back thicker, stronger and darker. In fact with regular waxing you will notice that the hair growth will be sparse.


What should I wear while I am getting a bikini wax?

You don’t have to feel uncomfortable, you will be provided with disposable bikini bottoms. You can change into them prior to the waxing session for your comfort.

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