According to a new survey by Life Time, a majority of people have reported gaining weight, losing muscle, and struggling with their mental health during the past year. Nearly 86 percent said they missed their in-person workout communities. Also Read - Nostradamus Prediction True? Asteroid as Big as Eiffel Tower to Zoom Past Earth Today

With a resolve to overcome personal health struggles that came their way in 2020, almost four in five people (80.5 percent) of respondents in a new survey say they feel more inspired to make a health goal in 2021, such as weight loss (34.2 percent), building muscle (22 percent), emphasizing mental health (12.5 percent). Also Read - Health Tips For 2021: 5 Things to Include in Your Daily Routine to Make This a Healthy New Year

Six in ten people say they’re sitting more than they did pre-pandemic with 30.8 percent saying they sit more than eight hours a day. For those who previously commuted to work, they’re “redeeming” their commute time in a variety of ways: catching up on sleep, spending more time with family, finding more time for exercise, and eating more thoughtful meals they’ve planned. Also Read - WhatsApp to Stop Working: These Android & iOS Devices to Lose Support From January 1, 2021; What You Can Do

Overall results point to the pandemic having a substantial negative impact on the health and fitness habits of most. Nearly 70 percent of respondents said their personal health has been negatively impacted this year. Top reasons cited for the negative impact include overall stress from the pandemic, the closure of gyms, and working from home leading to less motivation to exercise.

Additionally, three-fourths believe that health clubs are essential businesses and should remain open during the pandemic.

With the ‘new year, new me’ attitude kicking in most people, it seems they are motivated to regain their health and fitness in the New Year.

(With inputs from IANS)