Mrs. Madhavi, my tenth-grade geometry teacher, was one of my favorite teachers—but not because of the way she taught geometry. Instead, it was because Mrs. Madhavi taught me the art of meditation. Meditation is a skill that I continue to apply to my life a little bit more often than the Pythagorean Theorem.Also Read - Viral Video: Teacher Asks Little Boy Why He is Angry, He Says 'Aap ko Dekh ke Aa Raha Gussa' | Watch

Mrs. Madhavi was sweet. She was graceful and sported a long, black braid that dangled all the way down to her lower back. She wore the warmest of smiles, and smelled of spices. She donned a bindi between her meticulously shaped eyebrows, and she walked the earth with a countenance of ease and complacency, regardless of the situation. Also Read - 4 Reasons Why Meditation is Good For Your Overall Health

When she sensed tension among the students during class, she would spend five minutes practicing breathing exercises with us. Mrs. Madhavi devoted herself to a state of suspension—and the way she sat off in a corner during recess with her eyes closed and a blank expression was evidence of this. Also Read - Students Give Emotional Farewell To Their Favourite Teacher, Sing 'Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai' | Watch

Soon, I longed to attain that kind of inner peace. I noticed how refreshed she appeared after she meditated, and I was intrigued. Under the guidance of Mrs. Mandhavi, I decided to give mediation a shot.

When I started meditating, I did not realize it would also make me healthier, happier, and more successful. Below are some reasons you should try meditation today.

1. It reduces stress.

You’ve got a paper due tomorrow, and you haven’t started. Finals are next week. Your Mom refuses to stop pressuring you to get married. Stress is very apparent in your life. In fact, recent studies even prove that the use of anti-anxiety medicines worldwide is increasing. But worry not, meditation is mind without agitation, it allows us to take hold of nervous and emotional systems.

2. It stimulates the mind.

Meditation stimulates and the mind and improves concentration. Meditation has also shown links and improvements in multitasking, focusing, and improving memory.

3. It promotes a more health conscious lifestyle.

Once you begin meditating, you set yourself on the road of constantly wanting to make better choices for your bodies. Wellness programs like yoga and meditation stress combining with the earth and encourage a bond with nature. This is why many who have began meditation apply the Hippocratic oath, “first, do no harm,” and opt for healthier life choices and alternatives.

4. It develops your body, physically.

When you meditate, your physiology withstands change that causes each of his body’s cell to fill with more energy. This energy transforms into something else, and goes on to completely transform the body. , `

With an increase in meditation, the body undergoes the following changes: lower blood pressure, lower levels of blood lactate (reduces anxiety attacks), decrease in tension related pains (headaches, ulcers, insomnia), increase in serotonin production (boosts happiness), strengthens immunity, and lastly, increases energy levels.

5. It improves communication skills.

When your mind is clear, there is improved clarity in expression. When your mind is detoxified, your perception and expression improves. Once you meditate more and more, you become free and satisfied which is relaxing.

6. We control time.

In life, you can find yourselves constantly worrying about time. Dentists appointments, deadlines, alarms are all examples of how prevalent the concept of punctuality is. Meditation provides its own type of magic, as it is only in meditation where you possess the ability to transcend time. Meditation finds hours in minutes. When you meditate, you are able to do perform tasks faster, and more consciously.

7. It taps into our creative cosmos.

Meditation also inflates your sense of creativity. Creativity is the overarching aspect in developing most of our personalities, it is important you constantly nurture and feed it. Meditation encourages creativity by relaxing you and allowing your thoughts to flow more freely.

8. Improve our personalities.

Meditation lifts our worries; It defogs the depths of our minds and allows us to think more freely. When your mind is open and you are relaxed, you become happier. This happiness shows to the grocery store cashier, barista, your significant others, family members, and coworkers. Once your begins meditating, his personality will reflect this and others will long for this happiness.

9. It heals.

Healing is one of the most significant and important results of meditation. When nothing you do is enough, when your grades aren’t where you want them, and when the guy who you thought was Shahrukh Khan at the mall wasn’t. But when you meditate, your mind become calm, alert, content and most importantly, powerful. Suddenly, the courage you were looking for while grieving the loss of your pet goldfish appears. You find the power to change and move on from obstacles.

Although Mrs. Madhavi is no longer a part of my life, I still think about her from time to time. I wonder if she still fiercely wears her braid to supermarkets, or where she is and what she’s doing. But more than anything, I wonder if she realizes what a beautiful gift she’s given me through the art of meditation.