Are you so involved in the work that you hardly get time to sleep? Does sleeping for even eight hours seems to be a thing of bygone days? If yes, your sexual experience may get affected. This is what a study conducted at The North American Menopause Society states. According to the researchers of the study, sleep problems are associated with a lack of sexual satisfaction in women. Another research conducted at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that sleep disorders can lead to abnormal sexual behaviours like sexsomnia.

To improve your sexual experience, you can stay active. Indulging in exercise regularly can boost your libido and improve your health too. Also, have food that are known to improve blood flow to the genitals. Some of those food include onion, garlic, bananas, chilies, peppers, etc. Additionally, you should stay away from stress and get some vitamin D present in food like salmon, almonds, flaxseeds etc.

Link between sleep and sexual experience

According to the researchers of the University of Michigan Medical School, better sleep increases your sexual activity by 14 per cent. Getting a night of good sleep can make you feel refreshed and interested in indulging in vigorous sexual activity. According to scientists, sleep is significant for sexual arousal. Insufficient sleep can reduce your libido and arousal.

This means that if you are experiencing a sudden dip in your sexual performance and satisfaction, you just need to get an extra hour of sleep. According to a research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who sleep for an hour extra than usual experience an increased sexual desire the very next day. Also, women who sleep longer have fewer problems with vaginal arousal or sexual satisfaction. We are focusing more on women here as various studies have shown that women generally sleep for around seven hours a day which is not enough.