After a global coronavirus pandemic, now another viral disease from China has hit Assam. It is African Swine Fever. The deadly disease has killed around 2500 pigs in the state since February and that makes Assam the epicenter of African Swine Fever. Also Read - Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Assam Becomes Epicentre of Deadly African Swine Fever

Usually, such diseases used to be found in wild pigs. However, this time, domestic pigs have been hit too. African Swine Fever has come from China, claims Assam. As per the reports, 60 per cent of China’s pig population have been killed by the fatal disease between 2018 and 2020. The Assam government is trying to save the state’s pig population from this viral outbreak. Also Read - 'Very serious': African swine fever spreads in China

Those who do not know much about the disease, here is the detailed information about that. Also Read - UN: China's African swine fever outbreak could cross borders

What is African Swine Fever?

African Swine Fever is a fatal disease that is caused by a virus of the Asfarviridae family. The disease was first diagnosed in Kenya in 1909. It is characterised by signs and symptoms including high fever, anorexia, depression, redness of skin, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea etc. The mortality rate of this infection is 100 per cent. It causes death within 6-13 days of the onset of infection. African Swine Fever virus cannot survive in sunlight and putrefaction. But, it can sustain in cold (refrigerator) for more than six months.

Transmission of African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever can affect pigs through direct contact with infected pigs. It can also be transmitted through indirect contact with contaminated material like feed, garbage, food waste etc. Contaminated fomites or biological vectors can also cause the viral infection.

Diagnostic And Preventive Measures

Clinical signs can help in suspecting the disease but laboratory tests can confirm the infection. Currently, there is no vaccine for African Swine Flu and therefore the only way to prevent the infection is by not letting the healthy pigs come in contact with the affected ones.