Behold all the astrology fiends, we were just getting used to Mercury being retrograde almost this whole month and thereby affecting all the technology around us.  Since most of our lives revolve around technology with phones, the internet and everything in between. A lot of people seem to have been affected by it and were just warming up to the idea that it would soon be over but that’s not all that will be happening. Another major planet will be going retrograde and its none other than the mighty Saturn.

After Mercury affected all the technology get ready to have Saturn affecting all our moods as it goes retrograde on 17th April. Saturn also popularly known as Shani is considered a teacher that only lets hard work succeed and is a strict teacher. It will make you responsible, teach you and make one understand that there are no short-cuts in life or anything.  However when Saturn goes retrograde then all the negative things from our past can make way back to us. Saturn literally makes us accountable for all the negative things we have done and like Karma will teach us.

Many things will be affected by Saturn especially if we have been behaving in a toxic manner, however, if we are putting our best foot forward we don’t have much to worry about.

Things that are most likely to happen when Saturn goes retrograde until September 6 are re-evaluating your relationships and ways in which we communicate. If you have not been proud of your behaviour recently then you might feel like apologizing to the person or people. Even if you are not happy with yourself lately then you can start by forgiving yourself. This can lead to a pressure being lifted off your shoulders and also make you a better person in the process.

One can expect to want to become a better person at this time as we reflect on our own actions. This period will test us but if we are true to our feelings and actions then we will come out on top as Saturn rewards people unconditionally who work hard.