If your idea of de-stressing or letting your hair down is by drinking alcohol, it’s time to change your habit. There are many dangerous side effects of alcohol that can create havoc on your health. Now a new research published in eNeuro journal says that ‘alcohol abuse during late adolescence and early adulthood is a risk factor for the development of alcohol dependence.’ Also, long term alcohol consumption can ‘reduce the growth rate of the brain, cerebral white matter and subcortical thalamus.’ Slow brain growth at a critical time like adolescence when the brain is developing just like the other parts of the body, could lead to other health complications in the future. Many believe that moderate consumption of alcohol may not do as much harm.  But there are some studies that say that even small amounts of alcohol can be bad news for your body. Many also fail to adhere to stick to the limit and go overboard. Here is what alcohol can do to your body:Also Read - 5 Tips to Deal With Dehydration This Winter Season

Could cause liver damage and liver diseases: This is probably one of the most common conditions associated with alcohol consumption. The liver is responsible for getting rid of toxins from the body and for regulation of glucose levels. Your liver needs to convert alcohol into a less harmful compound for it to pass through urine. While the liver is busy performing this function, it is diverted from one of its most important functions of glucose regulation. Also Read - Study Suggests 7 Official Climate Friendly Dietary Guidelines

When there is excess consumption of alcohol, there is fat deposition in the liver which could lead to fatty liver disease and liver diseases including cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis. This severely affects the proper functioning of the liver. When the liver fails to get rid of toxins and perform its other functions, it could lead to serious complications and even death. Also Read - Drink Doodh Not Daru: Pune Man Dressed As Ravana Distributes Milk, Urges People to Give Up Alcohol

May affect sexual health: Excess alcohol consumption can have detrimental effects on your sexual health. It could create problems in the production of the sex hormone, testosterone. It could also interrupt the signals between your brain and your sexual organs. All of this can create problems like erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual arousal, premature ejaculation. It can also lower libido.

May cause infertility: Several studies have observed that alcohol could create problems in fertility in both women and men. When testosterone production is affected, it can reduce the quantity of sperm. Alcohol could also affect the quality of sperms.