Alcohol has always been associated with a number of health issues. And this was further confirmed by this recent study that stated drinking beer or wine, even if it is just one glass every single day can lead to skin cancer.  And according to these researchers, it is said that the chemicals that are released when alcohol is consumed and it breaks down inside the body is the main reason why it can cause skin cancer.  So if you alter your drinking habits you can reduce your risk of skin cancer. Ethanol that is present in alcohol is a compound that can potentially damage DNA and also produced reactive oxygen species. Every glass of beer  or wine can increase your risk of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma by approximately 11 per cent.  And it will also increase basal cell carcinoma by about 7 per cent. Also Read - Vitamin B3 Can Protect Skin Cells from UV-Induced Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer across the world. In countries like UK,skin cancer cases are rising  and around 3.6 per cent of these cases are said to be because of alcohol drinking.  If you drink alcohol pretty often then it is only wise for you to be aware about this disease.  The first step to treating any disease is to identify it as quickly as possible. Since skin cancer can be treated if identified quickly, here are 5 most important sings of skin cancer that you should look out for. Also Read - Skin Cancer: Know The Types And Preventive Measures

skin cancer 1 Also Read - WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

If you notice some scaly patches on your head, neck or hands, this can be considered as an early sign of skin cancer. However not every skin patch means cancer, but if you notice this patch getting worse, consult a doctor.

Swelling of the lip, scaly patches on lower lip  and disappearance of your lip border are all signs of a possible skin cancer.

If you notice new moles on your skin that are also discolored or of a different skin tone and hasn’t gone in some days, you can consider this as another sign. The mole can also look like a horn.Squamous cell carcinoma is found that the base of this mole and it can be a few millimeter in height.

skin cancer 2

Melanoma is another sign of skin cancer which can also be quite dangerous. The signs for a skin cancer of this type will include a changed mole or pigmented area. If any of your skin mole changes its color or size, changes its shape, itches or bleeds, then consult a doctor immediately.

If you notice a bump or a blister that has grown out your skin , then this might be cancerous. Sometimes these bumps can bleed and are often found on the neck or face. If it hasn’t gone after 6 weeks, then this is another warning sign of a possible skin cancer.

These are the 5 symptoms or signs of skin cancer that everybody must look out for. Detecting early signs will help you treat skin cancer pretty effectively. So remember these signs and to prevent skin cancer, consider cutting down on alcohol consumption.