Having a mug of beer and chatting with a bunch of good friends. This is how many youngsters like to spend their Friday nights. This may sound cool and enjoyable but ends up making your organs sick. Due to the presence of alcohol, beer, if consumed in higher amounts, can interfere with your blood sugar level and make you susceptible to cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, heart failure, stroke, etc. It can also raise your blood pressure and lead to intoxication.

But, what if we say that you can have beer without thinking about its side-effects? Yes, you read it right. Beer manufacturers have come up with a healthy alternative for drinkers and an option of non-drinkers too. Have you heard about non-alcoholic beer? It contains the same flavour, aroma, and appearance as alcoholic beer but doesn’t include the alcohol.

What is non-alcoholic beer?

As the name suggests, it is basically a type of beer with a very little amount of alcohol content. It is of three types namely alcohol-free beer, de-alcoholised beer, and low-alcohol beer. The former contains a maximum of 0.05 per cent alcohol whereas de-alcoholized beer has 0.5 per cent of alcohol, and the latter contains a maximum of 1.2 per cent alcohol.

Benefits of non-alcoholic beer

If you want to quit alcohol consumption, you can try slowing down your intake with non-alcoholic beer. It can gradually help you reduce your alcohol dependency. Also, as we all know alcohol is associated with obesity, switching to non-alcoholic beer can help you maintain a healthy weight. Doing that can decrease your risk of being affected by toxins too.

Side-effects of non-alcoholic beer

Though having non-alcoholic beer reduces your risk of developing various health ailments, it is still not totally safe. Long-term consumption of this type of beer can put you at risk of liver damage, diabetes, and alcohol addiction. So, you are advised to have it only if you are already addicted to alcohol and wants to quit this bad lifestyle habit.