Are you looking for an effective way to improve your scalp health? Do you wish to get long and strong tresses? If yes, platelet-rich plasma therapy is what you need. This technique not only helps you in getting soft and supple skin but also solves your hair woes. For those who do not know what PRP is, it is an extract of concentrated platelets from your blood.Also Read - Here is How Eggs Prevent Hair Loss And Stimulate New Hair Growth

Notably, your blood platelets are packed with cytokines and growth hormones that boost the rebuilding of damaged tissues and promote healing. Platelet-rich plasma, when injected into your scalp, leads to the stimulation of dermal papilla cells which help in hair growth. Also Read - Best Hair Growth Tips: 5 Food Items to Include in Your Daily Diet For Long And Strong Tresses

Containing white blood cells (WBC) and platelets, plasma can increase the formation of new hair follicles that can further lead to new hair growth. The use of platelet-rich plasma therapy not only increases your hair volume but improves the quality of your tresses too. Also Read - Want to Promote Hair Growth And Relieve Insomnia? Opt For Spikenard Essential Oil

How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Work?

People who are dealing with extreme hair loss usually opt for platelet-rich plasma therapy. Once the underlying cause behind your problem is identified, a dermatologist starts targeting the issue. Simultaneously, this therapy is given to restore the existing hair and help in the growth of new hair roots. Early signs that show PRP therapy is working on you are improved health of scalp and reduction in hair fall. You may experience certain minor side-effects during this treatment. They may include slight pain during injection, swelling, and mild bruising on your skin.