Banana is not only a fruit but a strong and effective arsenal against various beauty problems like acne, black spots, etc. The presence of certain important nutrients in bananas makes them great beauty-enhancing food. They are rich in fiber, potassium, and iron. Bananas are good for your skin and hair health. You can use them as DIY remedies for various dermatological issues. Using banana as a face mask can make your skin look soft and radiant due to its nutritional makeup and silica content. Here we give you enough reasons to add banana to your beauty regime. Also Read - American Actor Mandy Moore Swears by Coconut Oil to Keep Her Skin Flawless, Here is Why You Should Also Add it to Your Beauty Regime

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Dandruff is one of the major factors behind hair fall. And banana can help you effectively deal with that. Applying a banana mask to your scalp can provide relief from irritation, itching, and dryness that come with dandruff. Also, it can help in flushing away the microscopic offenders causing dandruff.

Adds Volume And Shine to Your Hair

Bananas have nourishing properties and they can reduce your hair troubles. These are loaded with potassium, vitamins, silicon etc. All these nutrients are known to strengthen hair cuticles and provide protection to your beautiful tresses. To incorporate this super-fruit into your beauty regime to get long and strong tresses, you need to know how to make a banana hair mask. To do that, add 1 ripe banana, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon olive oil, and 1 teaspoon honey to a bowl. Mix them well using a blender. To strain the mixture, use a muslin cloth. Now, clean and dry your hair. Divide then into sections and apply the hair mask evenly. Cover your head and wait for an hour. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and cold water. This mask is apt for shiny hair. Egg yolk present in it can improve growth of the hair. If you have oily hair, use only the egg white. In case of normal hair, opt for both, egg yolk and egg white.

Helps Your Skin Glow

Being jam-packed with antioxidants like vitamin C, banana can neutralize free radicals that are known to take away your facial glow. Applying a mashed banana mixed with lemon juice on your face daily can help you get rid of the dullness and bid adieu to dark spots and blemishes.