Excessive alcohol consumotion has been shown to be linked to health problems. Alcohol has been linked to a  number of dangerous and deadly health conditions and diseases including cancer, chronic kidney disease, depression, obesity, infertility, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and others. Several scientific studies across the world agree that alcohol drinking is the root cause of many physical and mental health problems. This is why refraining from excess alcohol drinking or giving up alcohol completely is recommended by health experts for better well being. It isn’t easy to give up alcohol. Alcohol addiction is a serious issue many grapple with and some even fail to give it up completely. But it is absolutely worthwhile to stop drinking. Here are some things that could happen if you stay away from alcohol: Also Read - Customized Diets May Help in Improving Mental Health, Claims Study

Consume fewer calories: Many of the alcoholic drinks especially cocktails, beer and other drinks are very high in calories. This is why those who drink frequently tend to be overweight or on their way to getting obese. When you give up drinking you automatically end up consuming fewer calories. this could help you lose and maintain a healthy weight. Also Read - Sachin Tendulkar Proud of Virat Kohli For Opening up on Battle Against Depression

Eat less junk: Many studies have shown that drinking alcohol makes hungrier and makes you consume more food, especially junk food. You also tend to pay less attention to what you are eating and are likely to ignore nutritious food in favour of fast food. When you give up alcohol, you could actually end up eating less junk  and this could lead to weight loss. Also Read - Are You Ready to Take a Digital Detox to Protect Your Mental Health? Here's What This Poll Reveals

Get better skin: Ever observed how those who drink frequently tend to have bad skin and looked more aged? Alcohol can lead to dehydration and makes your skin look sallow and lifeless. It can also dry out your skin and hence accelerate ageing.

Sleep better: Sleep problems including insomnia and sleep apnea are common among those who drink frequently. Alcohol interferes with your sleep. Giving up alcohol will improve your sleep quality.