The world is already battling novel coronavirus and a new threat has raised its head to attack. A combination of warm and humid weather has resulted in the increasing number of dengue mosquito. As most of the people are staying home currently, to prevent COVID-19 infection, their susceptibility to get the dengue infection has raised. Probably that’s why we are getting to hear news about this deadly disease reaching the peak. As per recent reports, in Indonesia, dengue has affected around 68000 people till now in 2020 and has claimed lives of a total of 446 patients.Also Read - Watch Out For These Dengue Symptoms And Prevent The Viral Disease From Rearing Its Head

Considering the increasing threat of this disease, we must tell you how to prevent this infection and be safe. Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection that majorly occurs in tropical and subtropical areas. It is characterised by signs including high fever, rashes, muscle and joint pain etc. It is quite common in Southeast Asia. In severe cases, dengue may cause symptoms like difficulty in breathing, persistent vomiting, fatigue, blood in urine, severe abdominal pain etc. If not treated on time, dengue can lead to complications including heart and lung damage. It can also drop your blood pressure to dangerous levels and eventually lead to death. Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput Diagnosed With Dengue, All Projects on Hold After Advice of Bed Rest

How to Prevent Dengue?

As the mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus remain active from dawn to dusk, you can stay indoor in an air-conditioned or well-screened house during this time to reduce your risk of getting the viral infection. Also, wear full-sleeved shirt and long pants while heading outside during the day. If possible, apply mosquito repellent on your body and clothes too. Ensure the repellent contains at least 10 per cent concentration of DEET. Additionally, mosquitoes breed in stagnant water so it is important to eliminate habitats where they can lay eggs like animal dishes, automobile tires, flower vases etc. Also Read - Top 5 Dengue Myths Busted For You