Have you become a father for the first time? If yes, get ready for a roller coaster journey where you won’t be alone. Most young dads are confused and wish to know how exactly to behave. Well, in short, your new role is going to be challenging both emotionally and physically. But that should not scare you as every second that you spend with your baby is priceless and worth remembering forever. Also Read - Parenting Tips: Here is How You Can Control Your Emotions And Care For Your Newborn

A modern-day dad is not like the fathers of the years gone by. Today, fathers love to be involved in their children’s life in every possible way. From changing nappies to taking his kid on evening walks, and giving a nice massage, you would find a young dad voluntarily participating in every work. Also Read - Smart Parenting Tips to Handle a Strong-Willed Child

Being a new father, you may be willing to do everything but raising a kid is not easy and requires a lot of effort. In the process of fatherhood, a few parenting tips can be fruitful for you and help manage the changes you are going to undergo. Here is how you can be a supporting and loving dad: Also Read - The A, B, C of Parenting You Must Know

Spend a Lot of Time With Your Kid in The Formative Years

Children grow in no time. In the first few formative years, it is significant to spend a considerable amount of time with your child. It helps the baby recognise you and understand your role in her life. The more you involve yourself in your kid’s everyday routine, the stronger your bond will be with her. To help flourish a loving relationship with your little bundle of joy, you can play with her, try to interact in her own unsaid and adorable way, and take her to a park. Let your child get used to your presence.

Teach Discipline

Loving your child doesn’t mean you need to neglect discipline. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to guide your little one and teach her good behaviour with positive examples or gestures. Be reasonable about certain things. When she gets playful, let her know her limits gently. Don’t be harsh.

Be a Role Model For Your Child

Kids are quite smart and quick to mimic your behaviour. So, you actually do not need to lecture your child about how to behave. Your own behaviour, honesty, and positivity can set a good example. Your child will quickly learn those traits by just observing you. So, be a role model to let your kid follow the right path.