In today’s digital era, you will hardly see people reading a book. Most of the individuals spend a considerable amount of time in front of a screen. Even children, nowadays, seem to be more interested in a mobile phone and video game instead of a book. According to scientists, reading is significant for the development of the brain and dealing with mental and physical health issues. Recent research conducted at the Yale School of Public Health has revealed that people who read a lot live longer than those who do not. Also, it has been scientifically proven that reading books during childhood makes children good at literacy skills later. In fact, it boosts brain power and function. Here, we give you some strong reasons to start reading if you are not doing it yet.Also Read - Kangana Ranaut’s Sister Rangoli Chandel Lashes Out at Deepika Padukone on Her Mental Health Comments

Reduces stress

Reading a book distracts your mind from stressful situations to a world of imagination and beautiful stories. It induces happiness and aggravates stress by keeping you away from the daily life problems for a bit. Pick a book with a good story and see the magic yourself. Also Read - World Mental Health Day 2019: History And Significance of The Day

Boosts your memory

When you read a book, your brain works hard to remember the name of different characters, plots, places, and many more things. Your brain’s gradually developing ability to retain all this information makes you better at remembering things eventually. This means that reading a book actually trains your mind for the better. Also Read - Experiencing Dip in Income? Your Mental Health May be Compromised

Improves concentration

In this Internet-crazed world, we get information from different sources and try to remember them al but end up forgetting them all. In order to compete in this competitive world, we are trying to become machines and do all things at a time. However, this is what’s hitting your concentration significantly. On the other hand, when you read, you devote your entire focus on the story you are reading. You do that not miss even a single detail. And, this is what enhances your concentration power. Indulge in reading for 30 minutes every day and experience the difference yourself.