Stress is basically a condition that occurs when you face a threat or challenge. The situation leads to the secretion of a plethora of hormones in the body that make your body respond chemically. Though it is quite prevalent and almost everyone experiences stress almost on a daily basis. If the stress persists for a longer duration, it may be debilitating for your body.

As far as the mechanism of stress is concerned, when you face a difficult situation, the hypothalamus in your brain reacts and sends signals to your adrenal gland to release hormones. The production of an abundance of hormones actually increases your chances of survival and gives you guts to either deal with the situation or escape. This is called fight or flight response of the body. One of the major chemicals that is secreted by the body during stress is adrenaline. It increases your heartbeat, breathing rate, inhibits insulin production, contracts blood vessels to let the blood flow directly to the muscles, and stimulates perspiration. Another stress hormone called cortisol, if persists for a longer duration in the body, the person becomes likely to develop health conditions like sleep disorder, brain fog, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

If you are also stressed and looking for ways to bid adieu to it, here are the exercises you need to perform on a daily basis.


This mind and body practice can improve your health. Doing meditation and breathing exercises or yoga asanas like Vinyasa can help you get rid of the tension, muscle tightness and increase the feeling of well-being. Regular practice of yoga reduces anxiety and depression, says a study conducted at the National Institute of Health, USA.

Aerobic Exercise

Doing aerobic exercises including swimming, cycling, jogging, etc. can increase the level of a happy hormone called endorphins, in the body. This can potentially reduce the level of cortisol, depression, and anxiety. You can also participate in soccer or basketball to get the same benefits.

Tai Chi

This traditional Chinese exercise regime can reduce anxiety and depression. Most importantly, it doesn’t require too much strength to do tai Chi. This exercise basically focuses on breathing and repetitive movement.