Tired of insects or bugs in your atta every now and then? It’s disgusting to see the wheat/flour bugs living their best lives in your pantry staples. No matter how clean your kitchen is, these little creatures find their way to your flour jar. Monsoon is the best breeding ground for these insects as they grow in damp and humid conditions and once they start reproducing it is impossible to stop them. Why do they even exist? Where do they come from and most importantly how can you get rid of these little creatures? Although, if you store the flour (atta) properly, you can protect it from the creepy crawlies.Also Read - Weather Alert: Heavy Rainfall To Lash Over THESE States Till September 23. Check Details For Your State

As we know, flour (atta) can be stored in a jar as long as there are no insects in and around them. Many people opt to store flour in jute bags, but sadly that will not give you the desired result and bugs can call first dibs on the flour. Here’s an easy way to store flour for a longer time. Also Read - Weather Alert: IMD Predicts Heavy Rainfall in THESE States For Next Three Days. Check Details For Your City

  • Always use steel containers
Tired of Flour Bugs? Here Are 3 Easy Ways to Store The Flour And Prevent The Bug

Store loose flour in a steel container (Picture credit: Pixabay)

Avoid storing loose flour (atta) in a jute or plastic bag. Moisture in the air can impact the quality of the loose flour. It’s advisable to use steel or aluminum containers to store it. Make sure you wash the container before using it and dry it in the sun. Make sure there is no water residue left inside the container. Do not leave the lid open of the container as it can also hamper the quality of the flour. Always use a spoon, a bowl, or a small plate to take out the content. Also Read - Rainfall Activity to Drop in Northwest India From Monday, Light Rains Likely in Delhi

  • Use salt to safeguard the flour
Tired of Flour Bugs? Here Are 3 Easy Ways to Store The Flour And Prevent The Bug

Salt to shoo the bugs away (Picture credit: Freepix)

If you wish to store the atta for a longer duration, then you can add 4-5 spoons of salt in a 10 kg flour container. Mix it well. This will protect your flour from bugs.

  • Dry Red Chilli and Bay Leaves
Tired of Flour Bugs? Here Are 3 Easy Ways to Store The Flour And Prevent The Bug

Dry Red Chilli will prevent the bugs (Picture credit: Freepix)

If you don’t wish to add salt to your flour, then you can instead add dry chilies or bay leaf. You can take 10-15 dry chilies and 3-4 bay leaves and mix it well with the atta. Make sure the seeds of red chilies do not get mixed with the loose flour. These two ingredients will protect your flour. In fact, bay leaf is touted to be one of the best remedies to get rid of beetles.

If the bugs have already made a home in your pantry, then one of the easiest ways to shoo them away is by keeping them in the sunlight. The beetles hate the sun and they will look for a dark and moist place.