Linked to Taoism, Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system, which was developed to harmonize the chi or energies in the surrounding environment to improve fortune and health. The art of According to the old masters of Feng shui, the practice will not bring in money but will create a conducive space in your home and office to attract and strengthen the energies of wealth and prosperity. You have to strive for the prosperity and Feng shui supports you in your efforts. The art of Feng shui will promote the flow of luck, health, love and of course wealth. One of the best ways to ensure the flow of the energies is to have some air-purifying plants. Here are some simple ways to attract the energy of wealth into your home using Feng shui. Also Read - Russian Man Books Rs 2 Lakh Helicopter Ride Just Because He Wanted to Eat a McDonald's Burger

1. De-clutter space

We tend to hoard things and avoid removing even those we no longer have a use for. It is the most important to remove those items to promote the flow of energies and invite prosperity and opportunities. Try to make your home and office clutter-free to attract money. Also Read - Covid-19 Warriors: MP Doctor Turns His Car Into a Temporary Home To Protect His Family From Coronavirus

2. Have a water feature

Water fountain

Water fountain

Another way to promote the energy of wealth to enter your home is to place a water feature like a fountain in your home. If you are not comfortable with the idea of a w3ater feature in the house, you can always put up an image of flowing water. Flowing water is a powerful wealth energizer. Make sure the image or the water feature has moving and clear water. (ALSO READ Tips for getting a good night’s sleep: 6 tips and tricks to sleep better). Also Read - How Aamir Khan's Song From 'Akele Hum Akele Tum' Helps Woman Trace Her Home After 20 Years

3. Make your front door pleasing

To attract money into your home, you need to have a pleasing entrance. Make sure the door is clean and bright. You can also use potted plants to beautify the doorway and have a welcoming doormat.

4. Clean your kitchen



A clean kitchen will help in the flow of the weal energy. So, de-clutter your kitchen, clean the floor and the countertop. Make sure your stove is also clean. Use organizers to tidy up your kitchen. This will attract money into your home. (ALSO READ How to take care of your wooden furniture: 5 Tips to Protect Your Wooden Furniture from Damage).

5. Place citrine crystal in your home

In feng shui, citrine crystal is used to attract wealth. Displaying the crystal will attract wealth and prosperity. The gem is also used to strengthen self-esteem. Another wealth stone is pyrite. You can display these crystals or place a gem tree in your house in the money corner.

Make sure that there is no leaking or dripping tap in your house. You should also not hang an image of flowing water or a mirror above your bed.