Autistic Pride Day is an annual event that is celebrated on June 18. The day aims at raising awareness among people about the importance of pride for autistic people and how it can help in bringing positive changes in them.Also Read - Autistic Pride Day 2020: List of Problems Adults With Autism Face in Their Daily Lives

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterised y problems in communication and social interaction. Kids suffering from autism show restricted, repetitive, and patterned behaviour. Early symptoms of this disorder include delay in language or social development, issues with non-verbal communication, fixated interest etc. Also Read - Autism Spectrum Disorder: Medical Problems That Fall Under The Condition

If your child is autistic, you must be extra cautious about his diet as making him eat certain food can aggravate the symptoms of autism. Also, children with autism are quite sensitive and selective of food. That is the reason most of them suffer from nutritional deficiency. These kids are eight times at higher risk of developing gastrointestinal disorders than normal kids. Therefore, they must follow a set of diet rules to avoid any severe problem. Here is the science-backed food suggestions for children living with autism. Also Read - Early Signs And Alternative Treatment Options For Autism Spectrum Disorder

Restrict Your Kid’s Sugar Intake

Having too much sugar can increase the level of blood glucose and that can further lead to hyperactivity. Autistic kids already remain at higher risk of hyperactivity and a spike in their blood sugar level can make their condition worse.

Ensure Your Kid’s Diet Include Gluten-Free And Casein-Free Foods

Gluten and casein containing foods are pro-inflammatory and can be potentially allergic for autistic children. Body of an autistic child cannot digest gluten-containing foods easily due to disruption in their gut microbiome. Also, autistic children feel difficulty in digesting casein (milk and dairy products). These foods are known to affect the regulate bowel mobility and brain functions of autistic kids.

Add Vitamin C And Zinc Rich Foods in your Kid’s Diet

Various studies have proved that deficiency of these nutrients in autistic kids’ bodies can aggravate the symptoms of the disorder. This micro-nutrients help in treating gastrointestinal problems linked to autism. Food sources that are rich in vitamin C and zinc include oranges, kiwi, eggs, legumes etc.