Hair and Skin play a major role in our overall appearance, and we often ignore it and move on. Did you know, as per the statistics we spend about 1.5 years in our bathroom and about 6 months taking a shower? But, not many of you know that there are shower mistakes that we make that somehow damage our hair and skin.Also Read - Untreated Thyroid Problems Can Lead to Weight Gain, Menstrual, Skin, Infertility and Heart Problems in Women: Warns Doctor

9 Shower mistakes that damage your hair and skin:

Hot Shower: Winter is here and so is the time for a hot shower. To fight the cold, people often use extremely hot water on their skin and hair. Hot water can make your skin dry and take away the necessary moisture from the skin. You can instead use lukewarm water. Also Read - Eat These 5 Veggies in Winter Season For a Flawless And Radiant Skin, Shahnaz Husain Shares Tips

Don’t be so harsh on your hair: Don’t wash off that shampoo harshly. Don’t rub your hair harshly as it can lead to frizzy hair. Be gentle with your hair. Also Read - Include These 5 Superfoods to Your Winter Diet For a Glowing Skin

Do not skip the conditioner: Skipping the conditioner can lead to dull and dry hair. By applying conditioner, you give your hair the protection and hydration it needs.

Avoid using body towel for your hair: If you use the body towel on your hair, then the fibers on the body towel can worsen hair breakage, as per Times of India.

Wash your hair daily: In today’s time, pollution, dirt, and heat can make your hair dirty, so it is important that you keep your hair hygiene in check and wash them on a regular basis. By not washing the hair, the dirt and impurities can damage your hair and scalp.

Don’t be in rush and gently dry your skin: After a quick shower, because we are in rush, we often dry our skin harshly on the towel which can lead to rashes and patches.

Avoid body soap on the face: TOI report says that when you use your body soap on the face, you can alter the PH levels of the face that can lead to skincare problems.

Don’t wash your face too much: As per the report, you should only wash your face twice or thrice a day only when it’s oily or dirty. If you wash your face too much, you tend to take off the necessary oils from your skin.

Don’t wash your body before face: When you wash your face or body before washing your hair properly, you make your skin prone to acne or irritation, as per the report.