New Delhi: Ayurveda appraises all individuals based on the sum of their energies Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Ayurvedacharya, ascertain your individual Prakriti within a few minutes of introduction. Ayurveda knows no two individuals are the same. Thus, offering the exact solution to seemingly similar skin and hair trouble is not the best way to heal an individual.Also Read - 5 Home Remedies to Repair and Prevent Split Ends

Dr Zeel Gandhi, Ayurvedic doctor and a formulator at Vedix shares how you can be your most resplendent self with customized Ayurvedic hair and skincare. Also Read - 5 Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair Growth And How to Fix it

The very first thing Ayurveda does is to: know you

Within its texts are herbal treasures that define what best will work for your Prakriti. The solutions are not only problem-specific; they are also person-specific. And like everything else in the world, a person is inconstant in a very dynamic environment. The hair and skin requisites change frequently. Ayurveda assesses the individual’s environment and the season before it confers its cure. A person living in Jangala Desha (desert) needs a different solution from the one living in Anupa Desha (coast). Also Read - Premature Greying? Follow 5 Natural Home Remedies to Darken The Greys

Health is synonymous with beauty

Ayurveda does not recognize any stereotyped beauty standards. In ayurvedic wisdom, health is synonymous with beauty. If you have healthy Kapha, your skin will stay smooth, hydrated, and your hair will remain nourished at all ages. Your Bhrajaka Pitta will maintain good skin radiance and hair shine despite your genetic skin color. Healthy Vata keeps up good circulation, plumpness, the crimson cheek blush and promotes healthy hair growth, overlooking your racial predispositions.

But Vata, Pitta, and Kapha constantly fall out with each other; ¬keeping a steady balance is an uphill task. Ayurvedic products blend dosha balancing herbs specifically designed to harmonize doshas in your skin and hair after assessing your overall dosha profile. Suppose you had more Vata leading to dry scalp and dandruff, causing hair fall. In that case, Ayurveda would recommend a product that decreases Vata and brings it to a healthy balance with Kapha and Pitta.

The subtle, fine-tuned customizations done by evaluating an individual in their entirety make Ayurvedic products unique and compelling.