The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, welcomed a baby boy on Monday. The new father Prince Harry said that they were “absolutely thrilled” about the birth and thanked well-wishers for the support they had shown throughout the pregnancy, adding that the mother and son were doing “incredibly well.”For the parents of a child who is the eighth great-grandchild for the 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II and is seventh in line to the throne, you would think life would be easy as parents. But Prince Harry’s brother Prince William, father of three kids, has quickly debunked our belief but candidly admitting that welcoming a baby into the house equals joining the ‘sleep deprivation society,’ clearly hinting at the many sleepless nights new parents have to spend while caring for their newborn. It is definitely not easy being new parents. Here are some tips that could help:

It may seem like a very obvious tip but it is often overlooked by many new parents. Your newborn is very delicate and needs extreme care. So it is imperative that you observe strict hygiene standards yourself. Do not pick up or handle the baby when your hands are unwashed, when you have just come from outside, or when you have long nails. Always wash your hands with soap and trim your nails before picking up the baby.

Keep your baby’s room, crib and your house clean and free of dust. Make sure you clean their toys especially soft toys regularly.

Keep a close watch on your baby and never leave the baby alone with strangers or alone even for a little while. Your baby can get into accidents like falling, choking or drowning when you are not paying attention.

Schedule regular appointments with your doctor and make sure that every health problem is attended to by a doctor.  do not self medicate and don’t always rely on the advice of the elders in your house.