The Internet is full of suggestions and help for those men who are worried about balding. With the advancement in health and cosmetic care, it has become easy to transform your bald look into that of a head full of hair. Popularity of hair transplants is at its peak since their advent a few years ago and many men are considering other options to get rid of their balding problem. (ALSO SEE How to prevent hair fall in men: Try these 10 easy tips to stop hair fall and prevent balding naturally) But what if we tell you that balding is not a problem at all? What if you are much better off as a bald man than as someone with thinning hair or transplanted hair? Be it Jason Statham or Bruce Willis, several celebrities have been successfully pulling off the bald look and making it look effortless. When you club it with the beard, it makes for a sharp, bad ass look that so many people envy. In case you haven’t thought about it, here are 5 reasons you should actually consider going bald rather than worrying about losing hair.Also Read - Real-Life Bala? Mumbai Man Hides His Baldness to Get Married, Wife Registers Police Case

Shows Dominance and Masculinity at work

Believe it or not, studies have shown that the bald look is associated with dominance, masculinity and confidence in men in business circles. Bald men are even perceived to have better leadership skills. It may have something to do with the fact that it takes guts to get rid of your hair and be fine with the shining head. It means that you have it in you to carry yourself well without the need for the clichéd need for hair on your head. Also Read - Emraan Hashmi in Mr X, Shahid Kapoor in Haider - why is Bollywood going bald?

Saves a lot of time and money

A visit to the salon costs a lot of money. More so when you have specific hairstyles in mind! Every time you try to come up with a smart way of hiding your bald patches or trying for them to blend in with the rest of your hair, it costs you a sizeable sum. When you go bald, this is not an issue. You can even choose to use an electric shaver to do it  by yourself at home.

It looks much better than a comb-over

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

You may thing that the comb-over is a smart way to hide your thinning hair or bald spot but you are fooling no one. Comb overs do not work. It is way better to just go for the bald look and own it than try to hide behind a comb over.

It can change your look from “trying too hard” to “sexy and bad”

Not that you will look like a bad boy without wanting to do so, but going bald and carrying yourself with the right attitude can give you the sexy, bad boy image. Remember, a bald man looks like a guy who is nt needy and comfortable in his own skin. Nothing can be sexier than that! CHECK OUT Top 4 tips to prevent excessive hair loss

You will look more muscular when you go bald

Several celebs known for their physique (like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) look way more muscular in their bald look. Keeping clean up there draws attention towards your physique and makes you look strong and muscular.

These reasons are just a few among many that will make your bald look totally worth it. So if you want to live life more confidently and turn heads, just shave your head!